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Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat

Intention - Introduction

After healing my breast cancer solely with alternative complementary therapies I knew that I have to share this knowledge and to help others in their effort to heal what traditional medicine is still branding a “killer disease”.
Based on my own unique experience, extensive research and training as an energy healer I have teamed up with other experienced healers, and we have developed an intensive holistic training program to help you gather all the important tools to make that all important shift of awareness which helps you regain your self esteem, confidence and autonomy essential to assist your body in its effort to heal itself. To learn to TRUST YOUR BODY
and to regain balance and equilibrium in your mind body soul system.

"You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it."

Albert Einstein


Most of us try to solve our problems with the same mind that created them.

At the Anam Cara retreat and workshops you will learn techniques which help you find solutions by transcending the linear dimension of logic, reason and memory. At Anam Cara shifts arise from spirit (consciousness) which exists beyond the confines of the intellect, which allows you to resolve karmic patterns by going directly to the root of self-destructive fears, beliefs and habits to regain freedom and health.

When we are confronted with the diagnosis of a serious disease such as cancer,  HIV, MS etc. it is a very traumatic experience manifesting in different emotions, from fear and terror to numbing out and feeling helpless and paralysed. Time is suddenly running out, and all the things we thought could wait until later, have to be dealt with now. Our doctors and the people close to us all expect us to make instant decisions. It may all seem like a huge mountain to climb.  Often we feel betrayed by our own body. The big question is: What now?

The fact that you have reached this page on this website tells us one thing that you are looking for answers, you are looking for a way forward, and you have not given up.

Congratulations, this is one of the most significant factors in recovery from any major disease.

How to stay motivated and focused when faced with overwhelming odds and doubt.

Mandala - life affirming positive alternative therapies for healing cancer by cancer survivor and energy healer When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and first started out trying to find genuine positive information for healing the cancer with natural alternative and complementary therapies, I was sometimes overwhelmed and found that the internet is full of many contradictory bits of information, and to sift through it all and research everything is impossible, (b.t.w. did you know that there are over 500,000 sites on the web all connected with cancer? And you get 13,482 books in Amazon when searching for cancer?). So who can you trust? Who is genuine? And who will be able to support you in a positive, proactive and holistic way in your own unique struggle to survive?


Mandala - Empowerment Retreat -  learn how to heal your cancer with alternative holistic therapies, natural supplements and trauma and emotional release through energy healingWe have called it an Empowerment Retreat, because it will empower you to access and activate the self healing energy of your inner healer. Regardless whether you are opting for traditional treatment of surgery, chemo therapy, radiation therapy and are looking for a complementary support system which will accelerate your healing process, or whether you decide to use purely holistic alternative complementary therapies  to activate your immune system to fight your cancer or any other serious condition, or any combination of these methods. The most important aspect is that you can actively participate in your own body’s healing process. And we will support you whatever your decision.

It will empower you to become the co-creator of a healthy body.  It will empower you to transform a cancer victim into a cancer survivor, and evolve into your own super hero, the authentic person you are meant to be.

It will empower you to ask the important questions to your GP and specialists, by helping you understand the disease and your body's needs for dietary supplements and emotional healing.

Facing your deepest fears and self-limiting belief patterns is one of the most liberating forms of Empowerment. We will support and guide you on your journey to your inner self to liberate your inner power and build genuine and authentic self esteem and personal power in this most important time of your life.

It will give you the confidence to face the road to recovery and let you reconnect with the perfect you; you will truly start living in an evolved, aware and authentic way and become the active creator of a life in abundance and love connected to your core without projections and denials. The illusion of separation keeps us in a loop of suffering and pain, once that veil of separation has been removed, clear vision and spantaneous healing follow.


Mandala - Empowerment Retreat - turn a cancer victim into a cancer survivor, develop the inner healing power of your body, regain self esteem and confidenceIn the magical wild landscape of the semi-desert of southern Spain we will Retreat from the stress of our normal routine and leave all connection to our toxic life behind. There is no telephone or internet connection at the wonderfully restored old farmhouse of el-Saltador, where we can spend a few days totally emerged in the reality of healing. This is no conventional spiritual retreat or purely meditation retreat, this is a place to experience profound healing as we retreat from our normal life and self image and rediscover the real self.

It will give you the opportunity to delve into the experience of exploring your emotional and energetic blockages, releasing them and learning how to introduce these techniques effortlessly into your daily life.

With physical training in Chi-Kung, Guided Meditation and Visualizations and Pranayama you learn to open the energy channels to let the life-force flow freely through your body, and design your own unique path to wellness.

We will practice and explore new ways to learn to love your body and yourself. Make time for yourself and reconnect with your creativity through play and joy.

Mandala - Empowerment Retreat -  heal your cancer with alternative holistic therapies of energy healing and core energetics.Discover and connect with your Shamanic Power Animal and use these ancient healing tools to re-connect with the parts of you that have been lost through trauma and stress with the aid of Shamanic Soul Retrievals.
Learn how to let go of unhealthy relationships, and with the empowering shamanic release ceremony, free yourself of the attachments that no longer serve you.

Find out how best to support your physical body through wholesome Nutrition and targeted Exercise.

We use some of the principles of CORE Energetics to release physical armouring in a group environment and also in private sessions.

Feel supported in a deeply nourishing healing circle sharing, where we can voice our deepest concerns in total confidentiality and mutual respect and support. We can also open up in this healing circle to share our beautiful uniqueness with each other.

Mandala - Empowerment Retreat -  heal your cancer with alternative holistic therapies of energy healing, core energetics and alternative health productsA host of alternative healing therapies and Energy Healing techniques will be available ranging from Chakra Balancing, Inner Child Healing, Relationship Cord Healing, Past Live Regressions, Removal of Astral imprints and Psychic Surgery, Soul Retrieval, Sound and Colour Healing, Organ Restructuring etc. these will be part of the group activities and also available in private healing sessions.

Additionally there are some excellent intuitive massage therapists and aromatherapists in the area which can be booked for private sessions should you feel like pampering yourself.

We called it the Anam Cara- Empowerment Retreat

Celtic Knot  -Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat - a place to heal your cancer with alternative complementary therapies of energy healing and core energetics led by cancer survivorBecause anam means soul and cara means friend. It is an old Gaelic concept of having a friend that will be your confessor and to whom you can open and share your very essence. An anam cara is a friend who will never judge you, who will understand you at the very deepest level of your soul. An anam cara is a friend who will never desert you even in your darkest hour. A friend who has traveled this journey before you and who is ready to support you in every aspect of your own unfolding.
An anam cara will know you beyond the mask of persona and connect directly with your soul, even if you are still stuck in the drama, he can see the beauty within you and hold up the mirror so that you can experience your own beauty too.
An anam cara transmits the knowing of love and inner beauty. An anam cara reminds you of what is important, guides you to trust your body and to open up to the magic that lies within you and within the universe.

                           Sunset over the mountains - Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat - become a cancer survivor in the mountains of southern Spain


There are only two feelings
Love and fear
There are only two languages
Love and fear
There are only two activities
Love and fear
Two motives
Two procedures
Two frameworks
Two results
Love or fear
Love or fear

Poem by RUMI



                                                               Celtic Eternity symbol - Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat - a place to heal your cancer led by cancer survior and energy healer



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Experiential Seminars


What is an Experience?

The splitting of the concept of a human being into mind, body and soul, has wreaked havoc over hundreds of years ever since Descartes drove the view of our world model from the whole and integrated one into the mechanistic view of just looking at its separate parts like the components of a machine.
We have spent hundreds of years unlearning to be whole, trying to rule our bodies with our minds and not listening to the messages from our bodies.

In around 450BC the Chinese philosopher Confucius wrote:
"Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand."


Local Figs -Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat - a place to learn  to heal your cancer with alternative holistic approach of energy healing and core energetics.To illustrate this, I can describe to you in many words what and incredibly sensuous experience it is to eat a ripe fig. You may have never tasted a fig in your life, and although the words will conjure up pictures and sensations in your mind, you still don’t really know what I am talking about. So you might go to the local supermarket and buy one of these little fruits. However they have been harvested long before they where ripe, as figs have a very thin skin and damage very easily in transport. So it never had the chance to develop into full ripeness. You might find the taste quite pleasant, but probably think “I really don’t know why she is making such a fuss about that. It is not that special really.” Then some day you will have the opportunity to eat a fig that has ripened to its fullest on the tree and is just about to burst with all the wonderful sugary juices. And you will have the most sensuous, most sexiest eating experience of your life. And then you know. Even if you never find the words to describe this incredible feast of the senses and smells, you will for ever carry the memory of this experience with you.


 Experiential Seminars Group- Empowerment Retreat - a place to learn  to heal your cancer with alternative holistic approach of energy healing and core energetics.
Of course it is very important to know, what and who we are dealing with. To succeed in any battle or campaign it is essential to know the enemy. It is just as important to know what ammunition we already have and identify the missing items that will ensure success.
Most days will include 1-2 hours of informative lectures. You are not expected to take notes, but will be able to completely immerse yourself in the listening and let your body soak up the knowledge. There will be written lecture notes available for you to take with you for future reference.
The information conveyed in these lectures is designed not only to reach your mind and make intellectual connections, but also to reach the intellect of every cell of your body. Your body remembers every word you say, every word you think and especially the ones that surround you as sound waves coming from your environment. And your body remembers every emotion you feel.


Trauma and Negative Experiences

Experiential Seminars Group - Empowerment Retreat - a place to learn  to heal your cancer with alternative holistic approach of energy healing and core energetics.Life is a collection of experiences. Everything that happens along the way is perceived as either a negative or a positive experience. Even total boredom is an experience. What can be traumatic for one person is just part of the game to another person. The way in which we react to the actions of others and to outside events, is the ultimate freedom we have in forming the experience of Life.

Deep healing involves letting go of the energetic charge that these traumatic events hold for us and are retained in the form of cell memory in every part of the body.

Releasing the energetic charge is totally different from re-living traumatic events and re-wounding by dwelling in the past.

As you travel down a road there is a rock sticking out, and every time you pass there, you stub your toe and injure your foot. After a while you get to dread travellng down this road. Your body tenses up in the anticipation of the injury, but still, it happens every time. Eventually you spend the whole trip anticipating the event, and learn to pay attention to every step, living in anticipation of the pain. You find a way around the rock, and learn to avoid the pain, but for this your full attention has to be on the journey. It is possible to function that way. Then one day you might dig out the rock and discard it. Then you can travel down this road without your full attention being on the anticipation of pain.

Positive Life Affirming Experiences

Positive Experiences that are the wellspring of our personal healing process, a resource for reconnection with the powerful authentic youEvery person carries within them the memory of some wonderfully nourishing and joyous moments in their lives. They may lay deeply buried after a lifetime of drama and we have unlearned to use this storehouse of bliss for our wellbeing and healing.


The neural pathways have been forged to connect with feelings of anger and resentment, envy and disappointment. But new neural pathways can be forged just like the explorer that hacks a way into the thicket of the jungle. If he forges the path just once, and then never travels it again, it quickly closes up again, and become invisible as if it never existed. But when he travels this path every day, and hacks away a little bit more of the undergrowth, soon there will be a proper path that is easy to follow, and that will lead right into the depth of the storehouse of our positive memories, dreams and aspirations.

We have a choice which emotions we want to experience.

The emphasis in the Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat is in supporting you to find your own pathways to your own unique positive healing experiences.
Through energetic exercises and group activities we explore these new frontiers and become pioneers into the untapped resources of positive experiences.


Mandala - Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat -healthy boundaries create saftey to develop the inner healing power through energy healing and release of body armour with core energeticsAt the Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat you will never be forced to re-live or reveal any traumatic or shameful experience in your life. You always have the option to say: NO.
Our emphasis is on healing not on re-wounding. However it may sometimes be essential to the progress of your healing that you move beyond your comfort zone. If this is the case you can rest assured that you are surrounded by a team of supportive healers, skilled and experienced in taking their clients to the deepest roots of their illness, and releasing the emotional charge they contain, thereby facilitating the healing process.

We will explore through role play and energetic exercises, where our emotional buttons lie buried, and where the boundaries of our comfort zones are. We will explore how we keep on hiding our true emotions in the shadow, and how we can raise our awareness level to full consciousness.

We will look at many aspects of our life and examine where we shrink away, when we are unable to stand up for ourselves, when and how we make these little betrayals to ourselves.
And then we will reassemble the way in which we deal with confrontations, learn how to deal with putdowns in an assertive way.
We will explore different ways of establishing new boundaries with people in our lives, where we can express our feelings in a non confrontational way and make ourselves heard and respected.


Open Mind - Closed Mind

Mandala -Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat - a place to learn  to heal your cancer with alternative holistic therpies of energy healing and core energetics.If you have a problem, and you consult a master, he might give you an answer instantly, but if you approach a novice with the same problem, his mind is not clouded with knowledge to him each problem still contains the possibility of an infinite number of solutions. You might not get an instant answer, instead another heap of questions, which can lead you to view your problem from many different angles. And this can manifest totally new solutions.

To find a way of healing your cancer or any other live threatening disease, you may have to forge your own way; you may have to find new solutions and new ways of utilizing old solutions. The healing images you create will be your very own and relevant to you.

Creativity is not just being able to draw some pretty pictures or make some interesting craft objects; creativity is unleashing the freshness of your creative potential to heal. Creativity is the ability to look at life and to look at your body with the untainted fresh mind of the novice, the child that has not yet been told that some things can not be done.

Connecting with your Creativity

Mandala - Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat - create your own manual for a cancer survivor, travel a new road of discovery to your inner healing hero power.When was the last time you were playing in the sand? When was the last time you were baking mud cakes? When was the last time you were tickled and laughing until you belly hurts? When was the last time you were dancing in total abandonment? When was the last time you looked up at the sky and watched the clouds passing by?

Careers, children, TV, getting stuck in rush hour traffic, life as we know it as adults takes many of us far away from the carefree play we knew as children. During play time we can re-connect with our creativity.

Here at the Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat we will spend some time every day to explore different ways of playing and living in a joyful experience; where we are able to gain strength and power through the free flow of our creative energy.

The Sacral Chakra is the seat of our reproductive organs; from here we are able to create new life. This is also the seat of our creative energy. We will explore different ways of releasing stuck energy in the Sacral Chakra to liberate the free flow of our creativity.


Who can Benefit from the Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat?

Experiential Seminar Group -Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat - a place to become a cancer survivor through alternative therapies of energy healing, core energetics and alternative health productsThe program of activities at the Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat is designed for people who are still mobile and physically active. Some of the bedrooms are on the first floor, and there are several different levels within the main building which necessitates climbing stairs. There are however 2 bed rooms with disabled facilities for wheelchairs.

The responsibility of your physical ability to participate at the retreat remains entirely with you. This is not a clinic; there are no nursing facilities or qualified doctors on the premises. If you need intensive healthcare, or are likely to need lots of rest, then this place may not be suitable for you.

Each participant will be expected to be able to participate in activities like walks in the valleys and mountains of the surrounding (no hill climbing) countryside, or for strolls along the beaches, or in the summer for swimming in the sea. There will be opportunities for dancing, and chi-kung exercises.
Of course you always have the right to opt out of any activity. However each activity has the purpose of helping you in your healing process, and you might not get the benefit of the full therapeutic impact, if you only participate partially.

The Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat program is designed for people who have recently been diagnosed with cancer or other serious health conditions, and who are looking for an alternative approach to support their healing program and who are still physically fit and able to function unaided.

However, these are only general guidelines, and if you do have some special requirements or concerns, we are always willing to discuss these with you and assist you in any way we can.


The main language is English, but Ros is also a native German speaker and fluent in German, conversational Dutch and conversational Spanish can be used to support people with limited english vocabulary.

Mandala -Anam Cara  Empowerment Retreat - become a cancer survivor with alternative therapies , fight cancer and win with energy healing and core energetics

For enquiries about the Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat:


Tel: 077 99 26 87 52 Ros UK

Tel: 0034- 661 708 556 Ros Russnak (Spain)

Tel: 0044- (0)797 3866 221 Alison Thompson (UK contact)

or visit the contact section for booking forms


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Mini Anam Cara- Empowerment Retreat

One Weekend Intensive Personal Training

Not everybody can take the time for a full retreat program or has the ability to pay the fees.

Ros Russnak will be holding intensive personal growth training for one weekend every month at her home in the mountains behind Albox in Almeria Province in Spain, where you will be staying as her guest. The groups will be from one person to a maximum of 3 participants. We will be delving into the areas which are most relevant and appropriate to support your personal healing program. This can be tailored towards the needs of the group for either cancer patients or for people with addictions or for other conditions, and can be held in either English or German. It will enable you to remain focused on self healing when confronted with overwhelming diagnosis or odds, and remove the obstacles which prevent and sabotage your healing efforts.


There is no fixed charge for this intensive training; it will be up to you to decide how much you can afford to donate and how much it is worth to you.

For further details please use the booking form at the end of the contacts page or write to: trustyourbody@healingyou.eu

Tel:077 99 26 87 52




Meet the Team

Ros Russnak BA (hons), ITEC, DSEH


Ros has a deep sense of empathy with the people she meets. For many years she has trained in different aspects of massage from the traditional Swedish massage, Lymph Drainage massage and Indian Head massage to Tantra massage and Aromatherapy. When she connects intuitively with her clients, her hands instinctively find the right places and take them on a journey to total bliss and healing at the most fundamental and deepest levels.

She has been a shamanic practitioner for many years, initially journeying for her own personal growth and then training with some outstanding shamans in the UK to develop the ability to journey to the expanded world of consciousness and affect deep healing and retrieve the lost soul parts and power objects on behalf of others. Her ability to connect and communicate with the spirit world has enriched the lives of many of her clients is bringing peace to many troubled souls.

She is a shining reflection of the light within her soul, and after training for 3 years at the School of Energy Healing, she has emerged as an accomplished healer, experienced in many different energy healing techniques and psycho-analytical skills supporting her clients on their journey to freedom from illness and letting go of the things that bind them.
Her commitment to healing from within has been put to the test when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The healing of the cancer has led her to explore in depth the avenues that make us ill and the emotions that keep us there. Her insights and experiences with healing the cancer entirely with alternative therapies have given her the passion to guide and support others along their road to healing and self-discovery and she is a glowing example of radiant positive energy.

Ros speaks several languages, fluent English and German and conversational Dutch and Spanish and she loves to communicate. She has a passion for dance, especially the 5 rhythms and enjoys every opportunity to be creative and express her love and connection in arts and crafts, writing, cooking and every aspect of life.

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Dr. Amanda Barlow BSc (Hons.)


Amanda is a medical research scientist, with many important papers published in the field of DNA transformation,  mainly studying the genetics and development of the nervous system of the gut in order to understand the processes that go wrong in disease.  She is also a powerful psychic healer with natural healing abilities and a very deep and astute perception of human nature.

Her scientific work on the DNA level has had a very profound influence on her style of psychic healing, as her Extra Sensory Perception works on the DNA level, enabling her to locate the damaged DNA and reprogramming it at the cellular level to facilitate physical transformative changes, which we call healing.

This style of psychic healing is revolutionary and at the forefront of our present understanding of the interconnection of mind and body.

She maintains a private healing practice in North London and runs workshops facilitating our understanding of the influence we can have in our ability to heal at the DNA level in various locations in the UK.

Her down to earth nature and open heart bring life and light into everybody who has the fortune to meet her. She is a truly inspiring gift to the world.

Alison Thompson HNC BusFin DMS DSEH


Alison is a heart centered Energy Healer who’s passion is to bring the work we do to as many people as possible so they can take back responsibility for their own lives and know that they can truly be in control of their own destinies. Alison has an empathic nature and a real joy for living. Having had 15 years in Supply Chain Management in large multinational Benchmarking Companies Alison has now followed her heart and is the founder of Hand on Heart Healing. Through her studies with the School of Energy Healing Alison has learned that she can live her life free from fear and enjoys the full spectrum of experience that life has to offer her. She wants to share with people the sheer joy of living a life free from fear and thus to allow them to realise all that they truly are.
Alison has 15 years experience of working with energies, starting with Martial arts, mainly Zen Kyo Shin (Mind body and spirit) Taijitsu. On becoming aware that she had a natural ability to work with energy Alison realised that the energy in her hands could be used to help people in pain. After that Alison felt a real calling to become a healer, although back then she did not really understand what that meant. Alison started with Reiki and then joined the School of Energy healing on the Professional training. She is now in teacher training with the school. She has also studied Spirit Release with the Hickman Academy and likes working with Crystals. It is her dream that people are encouraged to have real choice in how they approach their illnesses rather than give up their control to being processed by the system. Alison currently practices in Clinics in Berkshire and Surrey as well as doing distance work. She works with individuals and also runs Meditation groups and a Stress Management Group. She loves 5 rhythm dancing and sailing!


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Richard Cox

Richard works with people in a co-creative transformative happening....what he calls the realization of being in THE MOMENTUM OF CREATION which in turn is a journey towards becoming the THE MOMENTUM OF CREATION...creating the space of continued connectivity to universal awakening Richards back ground has been & still is a momentous journey of self realization, studying Martial Arts/Chi Gong/Medium ship/Psychotherapy & life coaching, he is a Poet & a Hair professional where he uses his wealth of experience to co- create the perfect YOU mirroring your morals/values/needs & wants.

he currently resides in the UK and can be contacted via: theflourishing@hotmail.com


Amadis Cammell







El-Saltador (the jumper) is an old traditional farmhouse originally part of an old train-line which used to supply the mines deep in the mountains of the Sierra Almahilla. It was decommissioned in 1943 and between 2001 and 2003 has been sympathetically restored by its present owner.
It stands in its own grounds of 55 hectares, only a few miles from the village of Lucainena de las Torres. The views are 360 Degrees of unspoilt countryside, mountains, valleys and vegetation.

Only 35 minutes drive from Almeria airport and a few kilometres from unspoilt beaches, close to the only desert in Europe and the caves of the natural park of the Cabo de Gata.

The Rooms

The double guestrooms lead off a spacious and light open courtyard with water trough and central mandala. The main house contains kitchen, library, dining room, lounge with fireplace, seminar room and several outdoor eating spaces. As well as a dedicated training room, which is 200 yards from the main building. This recently completed project has a wonderful healing energy, as it is built on a very strong earth energy line, and the windows filter in coloured light.
On the other side of the valley a solar installation collects the powerful rays of the sun, and feeds an under floor heating system to ensure that even the coldest nights will be comfortable.

The bedrooms are for 2 people sharing with single beds, and most of the bathrooms are decorated in authentic traditional Moroccan style and materials.

Anam Cara Empwerment Retreat - Moroccan bathroom at el-Saltador                         Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat - entrance hall to el-Saltador

We also have one room which can be used as dormitory for 4-6 people sharing.

The house has its own original charm and healing power, starting with the use of celanite chippings for the drive, which makes the whole walkways twinkle like mirrors in the sun, surrounding the whole house with the magic of the feminine energies of this crystal; or the use of untreated timbers revealing their natural beauty in every part of the house. It also has its own well, supplying fresh clear water directly from the store cupboard of mother earth.

For more pictures and information log on to:


Dates for the Anam Cara Empowerment Retreats


due to the recession

I am in the process of developing a 6 day workshop which is non residential and will be held in the UK. Still retaining many of the successful features of the Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat, but at a fraction of the price. For times and venues please check announcements in the workshop section.

For enquiries about the Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat:


Tel: 077 99 26 87 52

Tel: 0044- (0)797 3866 221 Alison Thompson (UK contact)

or visit the contact section for booking forms


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