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Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?

The body stores within its template the memory of the whole, perfect working cells for every part of the physical body. The role of the healer is to assist the client to access this remembering – remembering who you really are, to facilitate the healing process. As such the healer induces the patient to heal himself through natural processes, restoring balance and harmony to all parts of the energy bodies of the Human Energy Field (aura). When the energetic layers of the energetic bodies are in balance, the physical body will follow and heal.

Inner Healing

Each layer of the Human Energy Field (HEF) can be blocked or damaged in a myriad of ways. The skilled healer can access each aspect of these layers and sensitively rebalance, correct and repair the appropriate layer of the aura through the laying on of hands. This is sometimes called a Full Spectrum Healing. Unlike Reiki and Spiritual Healing, where the healer only accesses a specific waveband of frequency, the training at the School of Energy Healing enables us to access the Human Energy Field at all 7 layers of the Spectrum and even beyond. For more information about the Human Energy Field please click on to “What do we know about the HEF?”
Your body remembers every trauma and injury, which is carried within the energetic imprint of the layers of the aura (Human Energy Field). Often it even carries the imprints of traumatic events from previous lives or those of our ancestors within its field. If these events are too intense, or threaten our survival, we disconnect from the memory of them, but energetically we still carry them with us until we find a way of releasing and healing them. This can also include false images which we form during childhood, and which can dominate and sabotage adult behaviour.
The skilled healer can access all these stored memories/images and by helping you to access them as well, remove what no longer serves us. We restructure whole organs and thinking processes and reconnect the client back to their source or core so that we can come into alignment with our purpose for this incarnation and live our life to its fullest potential.

I also find it most important to assist people in their transition to the life beyond physical existence. It is a great honour to accompany a person on this final journey and die in a conscious and expended awareness without fear, and in the total knowing that they are being held in love.

Outer Healing

This inner healing process can be supported in many ways by working on the outer body as well. We can accelerate the inner healing process by improving our nutrition and give our body the nutrients it needs to form new healthy cells (most cells renew within between 8 days to 6 months). This in turn will strengthen our Immune System, which normally works overtime in times of crisis and stress. We can also look at sensible exercise programs that support the healing process, which can include massage, meditation, yoga, chi-kung, tai-chi, Rolfing, Reflexology or just walking in the park. In fact there are many different and very powerful healthcare professionals who have skills and access to information that can support your inner healing process.

I also like to emphasise that it is very important to maintain good communication with your GP and Specialists. We are all working together to help you enjoy life in your body.

   What do we know about the Human Energy Field (HEF)?

Mystics, clairvoyants, shamans and healers have been describing the human aura over thousands of years, now we are finally able to detect and measure this energy field with scientific instruments. Although these scientific investigations are still very few, it is demonstrating and providing data that can be investigated.
In 1530, the greatest scientific mind of the age, Paracelsus, wrote "The vital force is not enclosed inside an individual but radiates within and around him or her in a luminous sphere which can be made to act at a distance."

Indian philosophy sees man as a being who wears a coat of many colours – colours which are continually changing according to a person’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. This coat is composed of seven bodies, which interpenetrate each other and constitute the aura or electromagnetic field. The densest of these layers is the actual physical body containing the quintessence of all of the aura layers. (Theo Gimbel: Colour Therapy)

Ancient Chinese theory talks about an invisible nutritive energy form called Chi, which runs through deep layers of channels called meridians. This chi enters the body via the acupuncture points and flows through the various deeper layers of meridians. Chinese believe that imbalances or blockages along these lines supplying the organs with the vital energy are the reason for dysfunction and disease to the specific system.

Multidimensional Anatomy

The layers of the aura are energy bodies that vibrate at progressively higher frequencies. Where the physical body is vibrating at the lowest frequency and gradually increasing to the highest frequency vibration of the causal body.
It is an acknowledged principle within physics that energy with different frequencies can coexist within the same space without destructive interaction.
The Etheric body is the holographic energy template, which carries the information, which guides cellular growth and the organisation of the organs (physical structure) of the body. If the etheric field becomes distorted, physical illness follows shortly afterwards.

Professor Kim Bong Han from Korea was investigating the acupuncture points in rabbits and chicks when his investigations revealed that the energy imprint of the meridian structure can be detected in fertilised eggs within hours of fertilisation, long before even the most rudimentary organ structures are being formed. He also found that these meridians form ducts, which permeate the whole of the body, and even penetrate to the cell nuclei.

This system of the meridians contains the blueprint of the complete body. We can see the effects of this in Kirlian photography or electrography, where the phantom leaf or phantom limbs are still showing in their energetic emanations, even after they have been amputated or removed.
This shows the holographic nature of the energy-field template we know as the etheric body.

I also like to mention the Tiller/Einstein model of Positive-Negative Space/Time.
“The energetic fields of healers fit Dr. Tiller’s criteria for negative space/time substance, or magnetoelectric energy in that they demonstrate certain qualitative similarities to magnetic fields, and they also have negative entropic properties. i.e. the ability to reassemble disordered molecules such as enzymes.”(R. Gerber: Vibrational Medicine)
For an in depth essay on the science see: www.susanrennison.com/sciencetalk2.htm
More about the model: www.whatthebleep.com/scientists/


  The 7 layers of the Human Energy Field (HEF)

  The Physical Body

We are all very familiar with our physical body. It’s the one that moves, runs, works and plays and is the container of our 5 senses. It consists of many systems within it and is something that most of us take for granted. It lets us experience pleasure and pain, emotions and dreams. Mostly we only take notice of it, when something goes wrong. We have a pain or an injury and suddenly we become very conscious of how much we are relying on it working smoothly.
But we are much more than just our physical body. We have subtle bodies of higher frequencies, which correspond to pure divine expressions of universal will, love and wisdom.

Each level extends out and contains all the other levels as well. Each vibrating at a slightly higher frequency and superimposed on the others. Penetrating through these layers of the Human Energy Field are the Chakras, which are spinning vortexes which connect each of the fields of the body and seem to act as transformers, channelling higher frequency energy from the outside into the body and vice versa.

  The Etheric Body (structured level)

The layer of the Etheric Body is perceived as a thin layer of radiant light blue, which adheres and extends about 1-2 inches beyond the physical body. It holds the blueprint/creative matrix of the physical body. This applies to all living creatures, including plants and animals. This is the energetic potential, which has to exist for physical manifestation to take place. It functions as an energetic map, carrying information that guides cellular growth.
When there is physical illness or trauma like a broken bone or other injury, we work on this level to repair the body and accelerate cellular healing.
An easy way to see this layer is to rub your hands together for about 30 seconds and then holding one hand up against a neutral (white) background, and you can see this layer as a faint shimmering outline around your fingers and the palm. Try to look in an unfocused way, not staring directly at the hand.

  The Emotional Body (fluid level)

The layer of the Emotional Body is fluid and contains clouds of energy and colour. The colours are of soft pastel shades, and it extends about 3 inches beyond the physical body. This contains the feelings we have towards ourselves. It is reflected in the emotional language we use: “Feeling blue, green with envy, red with passion/aggression, pink for love or yellow for cowardice/fear.”
The colours perceived on this level reflect the emotional state. They can range from moving and swirling in bright and vibrant patterns to stagnant dark and dull clouds. It contains old, unconscious, repressed feelings that are not allowed to move.
Healing happens when these stagnant clouds are cleared and new vibrant energy is channelled into this field. It is most effective when the client can engage consciously into this process.

  The Mental Body (structured level)

The layer of the Mental Level is perceived as a bright yellow grid of pulsating energy. It contains the emotional body. This is the vehicle of expression for intellect, ideas and thoughts. When tuning into this level we can listen into the thought forms.
In a healthy 3rd level the perception is of bright sparks, and lots of activity. In an unhealthy pattern we can perceive repeating loops of negative thought forms, criticism etc.
There can be overlap from and with the emotional field, either squashing the second field, which is common when the logical side dominates the emotions (see our educational system), or when the emotions are overwhelming the mental structure, where we have overemotional personalities with little clarity.

  The Astral Body (fluid level)

The layer of the Astral Body (4th level) consists of beautiful clouds of colour similar to the emotional level, but more infused with a gentle pink hue. This level is all about how we feel in relationships to persons, objects, places, and situations. These are symbolic representations of past experience and how this is effecting the present.
Here all our past experiences are stored, which includes past lives which can appear in our energy field like an undigested residue of experience, a lesson not learned.
These can be positive experiences, like when we where supported by your environment, which is giving us the confidence to step into life expecting the best, being creative and having positive thought forms.
It can also show up as repeated negative experiences, which can be fixated and recreated in the present. There are areas in our lives which flow, which feel graceful, effortless where we are fulfilled and satisfied. Then there are other aspects which don’t flow, we are not fulfilled, blocked, stuck – there will be past material blocking the flow of life here. This block will take the form of an ‘image’ – a mixture of memory, beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

On this astral level I work with releasing the old images employing various techniques like Inner Child Healing, Relationship Cord Healing, Past Life Regression Healing, Entity Release and Clearing Astral Objects from the energy field.

 The Etheric Template (structured level)

This is the template form for the etheric layer (which is the template form for the physical body). It appears like the negative of a photograph. It is beyond duality. The background of the body appears dark and blank and the lines of energy appear electric blue and pulsating. This is the creative matrix, which precedes the physical form. It holds the perfect image, the highest potential for our physical expression as a human being.

This is the first of the impersonal bodies, which is an expression of the impersonal, divine expression. This is the level where sacred laws of form exist. Plato spoke about these when he talked about the level of perfect ideas, where everything in manifestation exists first in the ethers as an idea, which we would call an energy form.
This is the level of sacred geometry, of perfect ratios – in music/sound healing, in nature, symmetry in the human body.

This is the level of psychic surgery – letting the divine perfection of the original blue print take form. Surrender to divine will, reconnection to the perfect body image.

  The Celestial Body (fluid level)

On the Celestial Level are clouds of luminescent colours shimmering like mother of pearl, interspersed with bright beams of light. Here we connect with the emotional level of the spiritual plane. Here love is experienced beyond duality. The Celestial level is the embodiment of unconditional love, love of the divine, love that radiates from our core. Here we meet the angelic realm. Angelic beings are embodiments of the divine qualities and they can awaken the divine aspects within us. Creating a connection between an open heart chakra and an open celestial chakra creates the experience of unconditional love.
In angelic healing we rest in our divine perfection and know that we are totally lovable because it is our very nature. It is like an awe-inspired gratitude for creation, the feeling when you witness a beautiful sunset or hold a newborn baby in your arms. On the Celestial Level we open up to see the miracles that constantly happen all around us.

  The Causal Body (structured level)

The Causal Body or Ketheric Template is the outer layer of the Human Energy Field. It looks like a golden grid of pulsating energy. It has the shape of a golden egg, extending about 3 to 4 feet beyond the physical body. It has an outer shell, which is very resilient and strong, yet flexible like a balloon. The Causal Body also contains the main power current that runs up and down the spine and connects all the chakras, carrying energy through the roots of all the chakras. (Pranic Tube)

The Causal Body is the mental level of the spiritual plane. This is the level of the ascended masters, where we access divine wisdom; where we are at one with the creator. Acceptance and surrender into the wisdom in all that happens. When we are connected to the Causal Body we can open up to see the bigger picture. What might be perceived as suffering (marriage break-up or loss of a loved one) can be seen as the best and for the highest good of all involved. We can trust the divine wisdom which is contained within.

Healing is needed on this level when there are tears in the fabric of the shell of the Causal Body, which often relate to images and distorted beliefs.


  Chakras and their connection with disease

  The Chakras

The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit meaning wheel or vortex. This is a simple word for a very complex energy system, but it describes them rather accurately.
There are 7 major centres, which I will be dealing with, but the human body has many smaller and minor chakras, some texts mention in excess of 360 others in excess of over 4 thousand chakras. The major chakras also correlate with the layers of the Human Energy Field (Aura). Each Chakra representing a connection on that specific layer of the Human Energy Field, acting as an opening and a channel into the body and into the corresponding organs of the endocrine system and the nervous system.
Each chakra facilitates the flow and interchange of energies (Prana, Chi) from the subtle levels by stepping them down so that they can be used by the physical body. The reversal is also true, as they can be stepped up to allow the output of energy for the physical body to the subtler levels.
Many cultures have their own maps and words for these energy systems, but the Indian concept is the most widely known and accepted. For an in depth explanation of the Chakras please visit: http://www.healer.ch/bmsarticle.html

When these channels are blocked or running either excessively or very sluggishly, they no longer can fulfil their function of supplying the body with the vital subtle energies. This will eventually lead to manifestations in the physical body in the form of illnesses and disease.

As there are many variations and combinations of these dysfunctions, their interaction with each other manifests in the unique character of each illness. There are many common factors that have been found, which is expressed in the following list of diseases, but as most people do not just have one Chakra that is out of balance, but mostly a combination of over-functioning and blocked energy channels, so it is important to use this list just as a general guideline, and not attempt to use this for self diagnosis or treatment.
If you have any kind of health problem it is always important that you consult a medical professional for evaluation and diagnosis.
This map of the connection between the flow of the energy and the physical body is a holistic view of the finely tuned miracle we call a human body. We approach the creation of illness from a wider viewpoint than just the mechanical malfunction of a mechanistic part of the machine. The subtle interaction between emotions and emotional defences and the physical body, and they way in which we can detect these distortions in the Human Energy Field even before they are solidified and manifesting in the physical expression of illness is often referred to as “alternative therapy” or “complementary therapy”. A term often connected with images of eccentrics or quacks.
200 years ago the idea of hundreds of people flying through the air from one continent to the other in just a few hours would have been totally ridiculed, and the thought of a person setting foot on the moon was mere fantasy. The ability to speak with another person and see them at the same time, even when they are thousands of miles away was regarded as witchcraft. So I like to introduce you to a quotation from Thomas Edison which he expressed over one hundred years ago:
“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and the prevention of disease.”
Trust your inner feelings and let them guide you to make up your own mind.

  Dowsing for Chakra Activity

If you find it difficult to tune into your Chakras, you can try out to see their energy vortexes with the aid of a pendulum. If we hold a cleansed crystal or wooden pendulum about 1-2 inches above the centre of each Chakra we can observe the way in which the pendulum starts swinging. A full clockwise rotation usually indicates a free flowing of energy, there are many variations in speed and intensity and size of the circle, a stationery pendulum or rotation in a left to right motions indicates blockages, whilst counter clockwise rotation indicates under functioning of this chakra.




The base Chakra is sometimes also named the root chakra because it is located at the lowest part of the torso, and also because through the root chakra we connect with the ground and grow our roots that keep us connected to mother earth.
The Sanskrit name for it is: Muladhara
Location: Between the anus and the genitals, around the perineum.
Glandular Connection: Adrenal Glands.
Associated Organs:
Base Chakra issues mainly effect the body parts around the lower half of the body this includes the legs, feet and the base of the spine. It also affects the whole of the physical support system of bones and spine and the immune system. Any illnesses connected with the rectum usually relate to base chakra issues.
Balanced Base Chakra:
Persons with a well balanced base chakra appear grounded and are usually very healthy, earthy types. They have the ability to stand up for themselves and are feeling at home with themselves and the world. They stand up for social issues of family, law and order. They also demonstrate a high level of self-mastery.
Overactive Base Chakra:
If the base chakra spins too fast it can affect people in the way in which they interact with their environment. It might manifest if behaviour such as bullying and self-centeredness. There is also the tendency to be overly materialistic and engage in physical foolhardiness like extreme sports or other forms of risk taking.
Under-active Base Chakra:
If the base chakra is spinning very sluggishly or not at all, it affects the person’s ability to remain grounded. They may appear very spacey, incapable of inner stillness, and have difficulties in achieving their goals. Life might be a constant struggle to provide for life’s necessities, always fearful and not feeling safe in their physical existence. Often issues like low-self esteem and self-destructive behaviour is associated with a blocked base chakra. They may appear to be emotionally needy and always looking for safety and security in groups.
Illnesses associated with the Base Chakra:
Any diseases affecting the bones like osteoarthritis or bone-cancer, chronic lower back pain, also sciatica and varicose veins are related to base chakra malfunction. The base chakra is also associated with any conditions that affect the Immune System like Aids, Epstein - Barr virus, Lymphomas, Hodgkin’s disease and Systemic Lupus etc. Diseases around the anal area, like cancer or tumours of the rectum, Haemorrhoids, Crohn’s Disease usually also have a base chakra malfunction. Most forms of depression, alcoholism and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders will also have base chakra issues together with the under-functioning of other energetic areas.
Energetic Healing for the Base Chakra:
Depending on the severity of the dysfunction, some base chakra healings will necessitate several energy healing sessions. Most healings happen on the first 3 layers of the Energy Field, strengthening and supporting the root connection. Deep rooted issues can often be released through Inner Child Healings and working on Relationship Cords. In severe cases, Psychic Surgery can repair damaged chakras, and Organ Restructuring can assist in repairing physical damage. When the base chakra is completely closed down, then a Chakra Restructuring on all the levels of the Human Energy field may be necessary.
The healings from the Energy Healer can often be very effectively supported and enhanced when the client engages in grounding activities, like walking, conscious breathing, dancing and visualising grounding meditations, which can be practiced in between healing sessions. The main issue is to develop our capacity to fulfil our basic survival needs.


The sacral chakra is centered around the reproductive organs, which are our connection with the creation of new life, our sexuality and the seat of our creativity.
The Sanskrit name for the base chakra is: Svadhisthana.
Location: Between naval and Genitals.
Glandular Connection: Ovaries and Testes.
Associated Organs: The sacral chakra influences most organs located with in the hip basin. This includes the male and female sexual organs of uterus, ovaries and testes. The digestive organs of the large intestine, the bladder and the appendix are controlled by the sacral chakra, as well as the skeletal areas of the pelvis, the hip and also the lower vertebrae.
Balanced Sacral Chakra:
Persons with a balance Sacral Chakra have the ability to allow pleasure into their lives; they are usually very creative and expressive. A balanced Sacral Chakra is often found in people who have a high level of integrity, are very ethical and honour relationships; they also are very much attuned to their own feelings and have a trusting nature.
Overactive Sacral Chakra:
Overactivity in the sacral chakra can lead to being emotionally imbalanced with the tendency to fantasize. There will be many issues around money and sex as well as power and control. This can take many different shapes like sexual addictions and manipulative behaviour.
Under-active Sacral Chakra:
A blocked or under active Sacral Chakra will also lead to emotional instability but this is mainly focusing on the over-sensitive, insecure type of emotions. The person with a blocked sacral chakra is usually very hard on themselves, with feelings of guilt and blame for no reason, which can also lead to feelings of isolation and withdrawing from life.
Illnesses associated with the Sacral Chakra:
Most diseases around the reproductive organs are associated with malfunctioning of the sacral chakra. These include Menopausal problems, Hot Flushes, PMS, Fibroids and vaginal infections including Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Any form of tumour within the hip basin, including ovarian cysts and prostate cancer, ovarian cancer or cancer of the cervix and uterus is also related to sacral issues. Sacral Chakra malfunction is connected with other sexual issues such as impotence, frigidity and infertility. There is also a connection between the sacral chakra and urinary problems, chronic lower back pain, Sciatica as well as addictions and depression.
Energetic Healing for the Sacral Chakra:
The main access to the Sacral Chakra is on the second level of the Human Energy Field, which is the area containing our emotions. Energetic Healings very effective on the emotional level include Sound and Colour Healings as well as Celestial Infusions. Any form of Organ Restructuring on all levels of the Human Energy Field as well as Chakra Restructuring can also be highly beneficial. Depending on the original traumas that are maintaining the dysfunction Inner Child Healings, Soul Retrievals and Past Life Regressions as well as other work on the Astral Level can also heal and strengthen the Sacral Chakra. Exploring our attitude towards pleasure and social conditioning.


The third chakra around the solar plexus accesses the Human Energy field on the third or mental level. This is where our thought forms are contained, where we form the will to live and the way in which we control the logical, structured patterns of our life, where we develop personal power.
The Sanskrit name for it is: Manipura.
Location: Between naval and base of sternum.
Glandular Connection: Pancreas and Adrenals.
Associated Organs:
Most of the organs that are in the soft midsection of the body are connected to the Solar Plexus. This includes the Abdomen, Stomach, Upper Intestines; as well as the digestive organs of the Liver and Gallbladder as well as the Kidneys, Pancreas, the Spleen and the adrenal glands. The solar plexus chakra is also influencing the area around the middle spine.
Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra:
A balanced Solar Plexus chakra expresses itself in people who are spontaneous and uninhibited; they have strong personal power and high respect for self and for others. You will find these people have a well developed self-confidence and high self-esteem. Here you will find the archetype of the spiritual warrior with a purpose and the courage and conviction to be.
Overactive Solar Plexus Chakra:
The overactive Solar plexus chakra expresses itself in the tendency to be aggressive and the need to be in control at all times. People might have issues of uncontrollable anger, with a judgemental and superior attitude. Over-functioning Solar Plexus Chakras can also be expressed as workaholics, who like to rule through fear and intimidation.
Under-active Solar Plexus Chakra:
An under active Solar Plexus Chakra will have just the opposite effect on peoples outlook on life. You will find issues about fear of rejection, and being overly concerned with what other people think. They will be highly sensitive to criticism from others with very low self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect. A blocked Solar Plexus Chakra will generate feelings of insecurity, fear of being alone, with the need for constant reassurance. They will avoid the responsibility for making decisions and may have issues around trust and personal honour. Addictive personality.
Illnesses associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra:
All the diseases associated with the digestive tracts ranging from Chronic or acute indigestion (not wanting to keep something down), Anorexia and Bulimia, Gastric or Duodenal Ulcers (can’t stomach this), Colon /Intestinal problems, cancer of the stomach, intestines and pancreas, weight issues. (This is eating me up!). Solar Plexus Chakra issues also cover the diseases of the Liver, which is responsible for detoxing the body such as liver infections, hepatitis and liver cancer, gallbladder cancer. The Solar Plexus Chakra also influences the function of the Pancreas, which can result in Pancreatitis, Diabetes, Hypoglycaemia or Pancreatic cancer. Other areas affected range from Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue (ME), to allergies and adrenal malfunction.
Energetic Healing of the Solar Plexus Chakra:
The main issue around the solar plexus is how we have mastered the individuation process during childhood development. Energetic healing will assist in releasing anger in a responsible way, and releasing inhibitions through Inner Child Healings and Energetic Restructuring of the Chakra or of damaged organs in the Solar Region.
Process work which releases the inner critic from limiting belief patterns and self-sabotaging behaviour. Intention alignments help with setting healthy goals and establishing health lifestyle changes.


This is the halfway station between the 3 lower or more physical chakras and the 3 higher or more spiritual chakras. This is the place of integration and balance between these two aspects of human nature. The main issues in the heart chakra are those of love and relationships.
The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra is Anahata
Location: Center of chest, between nipples.
Glandular Connection: Thymus Gland.
Associated Organs: Heart Chakra issues affect mainly the organs located within the upper chest cavity such as the heart and the circulatory system, the lungs and the ribs of the breast-cage. It also affects the breasts and the diaphragm and the Thymus gland. The arms and shoulders are also affected by heart chakra issues.
Balanced Heart Chakra: Present in a person capable of true compassion and unconditional love. There is a healthy level of self-acceptance and compassion for oneself as well as for others. This person also desires a spiritual experience in lovemaking.
Overactive Heart Chakra: When the heart chakra spins too fast, or is too open, the effects are that of distorted form of loving relationships, i.e. conditional love or possessiveness. It might also manifest in manipulative behaviour such as emotional withholding to “punish” or being overly dramatic in relationships. We will also find co-dependency, jealousy and needy cravings for connection, inability to establish healthy boundaries or failing to see when a relationship is abusive.
Under-active Heart Chakra: The blocked heart chakra prevents love from being allowed in, which results in the lack of self-love, and feelings of unworthiness and self-pity. Out of fear of rejection come attitudes of loving too much, or unrealistic expectations like the knight in shining armour etc. We often find attitudes of self-righteousness, blaming the other person, judgmental, and dwelling on the failures of past relationships. Emotional states include being unforgiving, still being stuck in anger at past betrayal, fear of intimacy, loneliness, depression and grief.
Illnesses associated with the Heart Chakra:
Physical manifestations of malfunctioning heart chakra include all the heart conditions such as Congestive Heart Failure, Myocardial Infarction, Mitral Valve prolapse, cardiomegaly, atrial fibrillations, palpitations, high blood pressure etc. The same applies to any condition of the lungs such as bronchial pneumonia, tuberculosis, Asthma, lung cancer and breast cancer as well as allergies, obesity, alcoholism and other additions. The area also includes injuries and diseases of the arms and the upper back and shoulders.
Energetic Healing of the Heart Chakra:
The main issues in healing the heart chakra are finding self acceptance and the ability to forgive. Working on healing Relationship Cords as well as Inner Child Healings and some explorations into Past Lives helps to release much of the astral debris that is clogging up the heart chakra. The client can also support this healing process by practicing meditation and generosity and opening up to the possibility of finding forgiveness for themselves as well as for others.


Whist the 2nd Chakra is concerned with letting the world of emotion into the body, the 5th Throat Chakra is concerned with allowing the inner self (emotion) out of the body. The throat chakra is the gateway between mind and body, disconnection mind/body results in blockages in the throat chakra. The voice tells us much about the state of the throat chakra.
The Sanskrit name for the Throat Chakra is: Vishuddha
Location: Centrally at base of neck
Glandular Connection: Thyroid and Parathyroid
Associated Organs:
Blockages in the throat chakra manifest in all the parts of the neck especially the throat, mouth and teeth and gums. This also includes the oesophagus, trachea and the neck vertebrae. It also includes the endocrine glands of the thyroid, parathyroid and the hypothalamus.
Balanced Throat Chakra:
The voice will be rhythmic and resonant, clear with precise expression, a good communicator, contented, who finds it easy to mediate. Their creativity flows freely in their artistic expression and they find it easy to express their truth. They have the ability to make decisions and once made are able to follow their dream.
Overactive Throat Chakra:
The voice in an overactive throat chakra will be shrill and loud; they will often interrupt and domineer conversations. The general attitude is often judgemental and criticising with a distinct lack of listening to others or letting information in. They are not in touch with their feelings and are staying safe by intellectualising and analysing avoiding the vulnerability of feelings.
Under-active Throat Chakra:
The under active throat chakra produces a constricted, whispering voice, often mumbling and whiney, timid and not able to speak up for themselves. This person will find it difficult to initiate a conversation, as if they don’t have the right to ask a question. They will often forget to tell you something important, and they can not find the words to express their emotions.
Illnesses associated with the Throat Chakra:
The throat chakra expresses its lack of balance in the form of any throat problems like Laryngitis, Raspy Throat, Chronic Sore Throat, Goitre and Asthma as well as swollen glands. The area around the mouth can often be affected by Mouth Ulcers and other gum diseases like gingivitis or tooth abscesses, even Temporomandibular Joint Problems. Displacement of the Throat Chakra can sometimes lead to scoliosis.
Energetic Healing of the Throat Chakra:
Being the instrument of our sound creation, the throat chakra responds deeply to healings with sound and to music like Tibetan meditation bowls and chanting. The removal of Astral Objects which remained energetically lodged in the throat can also have a tremendous impact. Being able to be heard at a very deep level can be very therapeutic. The client is able to support healing on the Throat Chakra by using their voice in singing and chanting or even reading poetry or any other form of expressing through words like drama and acting.



The Brow Chakra is often also referred to as the 3rd eye chakra or the 6th chakra. The issues around the brow chakra are connected with vision and images. Vision is the counterpart to illusion, initiating transformation. Midlife-crisis where previous roles are becoming unacceptable, the collapse of the constructed self, plunging into darkness before the new spiritual awakening, change of perspective or attitude.
Marcel Proust: The voyage of discovery is not to see new lands but to see with new eyes.”
Sanskrit word for Brow Chakra is: Ajna
Location: Above and between eyebrows.
Glandular Connection: Pituitary Gland
Associated Organs:
Third Eye or Brown Chakra issues manifest mainly around the Eyes, Ears, Nose, the Brain and the Nervous System as well as the Pituitary Gland.
Balanced Brow Chakra:
A person with a well balanced brow chakra can be very charismatic and also very intuitive. They are not attached to material things, but can be highly imaginative and creative. They have a calm mind, able to see clearly without personal issues getting in the way. They have the ability to think symbolically and also to imagine different outcomes, finding a guiding vision that gives meaning to life.
Overactive Brow Chakra:
The overactive brow chakra will lead to overactive imagination, which is ungrounded in reality. It can also lead to the blockage of the memory of events, not being able to fully experience and integrate events, which will later haunt them in dreams, nightmares or obsessive fantasies. They will give full authority to psychic readings, not able to discriminate. They are often bombarded with psychic input, perceiving astral phenomena, unable to sit still and let their mind settle. They are often easily distracted, and ruled by anxieties.
Under-active Brow Chakra:
A deficient Brow Chakra will make it difficult visualize and imagine things, also difficult to remember dreams, with generally poor memory. The 6th chakra may have been closed down for protection from memories not wanting to see. Generally there is poor intuition which is compensated by rational thought processes, being stuck in a world of Black and white consciousness.
Energetic Healing of the Brow Chakra:
Before we can work effectively on the brow chakra it is important that balance has been restored in the lower chakras first. They need to form a solid foundation for the brow chakra to build on. This will serve the integration of the self, without getting lost on the astral realm. Developing latent capacities to use intuition and to open to dream work, visual arts and meditation deepen the healing process around the brow chakra. Chakra Rebalancing as well as Chakra Restructuring also Sound Healings and Colour Healings are very effective for the support of a well functioning 3rd eye.


The issues of the crown chakra are understanding, thought and the connection of the individual self with universal creation. We see divinity in all matter; here we liberate the spirit without getting lost in the infinite or astral level by retaining a home in our body through grounding.
The Sanskrit name for the Crown Chakra is Sahasrara.
Location: Top/Crown of the head.
Glandular Connection: Pineal Gland.
Associated Organs:
Issues around the Crown Chakra mainly affect the muscular system, the skeletal system and the skin.
Balanced Crown Chakra:
If you meet a person with a magnetic personality, someone who can achieve “miracles” in life, you know that you are standing in the presence of a person with a balanced crown chakra. You will find that knowing has replaced beliefs, as the crown is where we hold on to our belief system. An awakened crown person will question any and all of our beliefs, constantly expanding the level of self-awareness and self-reflection. They also have the ability to surrender to their love for all life and the divine; they are at peace with themselves.
Over active Crown Chakra:
This does not mean a full and open, but a chakra spinning erratically and with too much energy. This can express itself in intellectualising and disconnection from the body. It can also lead to fanaticism and spiritual addiction like running after guru, evangelical preaching, and a sense of unrealized power. They can easily be overwhelmed by too much incoming information, not knowing what to do leading to episodes of psychotic or manic depression or confused sexual expression.
Under-active Crown Chakra:
The under active crown is closed down and makes it difficult for the person to take in and retain new information, learning difficulties, also a rigid, fixed mind attitude, closed to new ways of thinking, with the need to be right, the delusion that they know everything. They will find it difficult to make decisions, and constantly feeling exhausted, they are ruled by the unconscious where patterns repeat again and again without being transformed by the conscious awareness of the crown. You will encounter many limiting beliefs and spiritual scepticism.
Energetic Healing of the Crown Chakra:
Healings on the 3rd level, the mental level where our thoughts are manifesting can be a good foundation before embarking on healing the crown chakra. The crown chakra can benefit from a chakra balancing, and also from work on the 7th level of the energy field, as well as connecting with the divine through celestial infusions. Working on the 7th level can be very demanding but also very rewarding, by connecting with the limiting beliefs and helping them to ripen and to transform. The client can support the healing on the crown chakra by meditation and learning to observe their thought patterns, examining their belief system and letting go of attachments.


Our body continually tries to communicate with us, but too often we ignore these warning sings. When our body is out of balance and the further we are moving away from our life purpose the more the body gets into conflict.

At first it might communicate with little sings, like frequent throat infections, as they are usually ignored and the symptoms treated with antibiotics, it sends a slightly stronger message, like Asthma for instance, if we still ignore the warning signs, eventually it sends out the big message: Cancer, or MS or IBS etc. That is normally the time when we realise that all is not well and we are searching for help. This is also often the time, when we turn to a healer, but more often than not, it is only after conventional medicine is giving up on the case, that people are searching for an alternative solution.

As I have personally experienced, Energy Healing can move mountains, but it requires not only a skilled and professional healer but also the commitment and deep inner longing from the patient to heal. The healing process is real teamwork between the patient, the healer and the spirit guides.

Once the body has reached the stage of sending out the big message, it might take much longer to affect healing on all levels that it would take if we start listening out for the smaller messages. We don’t have to wait for the final curtain call before we can contact a skilled healer.

My role is not merely to heal physical disease, but also to facilitate my clients in the realisation of their life’s purpose and come into alignment with their full potential and creativity. And for that any time is the right time to start.

So how do we know we are out of balance? If we sit still for a moment and ponder on this question, our body will tell us much more than our mind will allow us to access.

Below is a list of questions, which will help you to look at different aspects of your life.
If your answer is YES to any of these questions, it is an indication which area of your energy system is out of balance, and could benefit from some hands on healing.




Base Chakra Issues:                                                            YES          NO

Do you have the need to stay in control of yourself and others?

Are you secretive?

Are you weary, alert, and unable to rest?

Are you afraid of criticism?

Are you stiff or rigid in body or mind?

Do you fear to walk your own path, yet always ready to help others?

Are you holding on to past fears and grievances?

Are you a perfectionist, critical or obsessive?

Is the intimacy of sexual intercourse attended by fear, or

Are others never quite good enough?

  Sacral Chakra Issues:

Do you care and nurture others, but leave no space for your needs?

Are you a great giver, but not good at receiving?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of others, yet fail to
speak out?

Are you fiercely independent, fearful of becoming vulnerable?

Do you ever feel used or abused?

Have you ever planted your seed of creativity and been disappointed
it failed to grow?

Do you feel unsupported by money or by other people?

  Solar Plexus Issues:

Do you ever feel unloved or under-valued?

Are you the kind that waves a banner?

Are you determined and dogmatic?

Are you uncomplaining, sometimes usurped in a relationship?

Are you over-sensitive to the feelings of other people?
Do you fear the world out there?

Do you find it hard to say no to people?

Do you care for others but harbour secret resentment as a result?

Do you ever do things with a smile yet feel resentful underneath?

Do you sense atmosphere of places and people?

Do you desperately need approval?

Do you need to be needed or liked?

  Are you a pleaser?

  Heart Chakra Issues:

Do you feel lonely or an outsider, even in a crowd?

Do you find yourself ruled by SMOG, Should, Must, Ought and Got to?

Are you dissatisfied with your job/ life, but feel there is no way out?

Do you try desperately to avoid conflict, even when feeling angry inside?

Do you find it difficult to love all of yourself?

Do you identify with the world purely by what you do and your role in

  Have you lost your sense of I?

  Throat Chakra Issues:

Although your mind is full of thoughts and ideas, there is too little
action in your life?

Does your creativity feel blocked?

Are you highly analytical?

Are you frightened of failure, taking risks, or taking responsibility?

Do you believe the world out there is dangerous or even hostile?

Do you have a fear of speaking out because of the possible

Do you find you constantly make excuses when challenged to move
forward or change?


  Brow Chakra Issues:

Do you feel responsible for other people?

Do you feel driven rather than feeling in the driving seat?

Are you highly conscientious, over serious and over responsible?

Do you find it difficult to be spontaneous, to play?

Are you a martyr to a cause?

Do you feel confused, disorientated and unsure of your direction?

Are you a black and white person, with no shades of grey?

  Do you have a tendency to judge rather than observe with compassion?

  Crown Chakra Issues:

Has Zest and Enthusiasm faded from your life?

Do you ever feel life has lost its purpose?

Are you off the tracks, perhaps even experiencing the
Dark night of the soul?

Are you devoid of emotion, working almost exclusively through intellect?

  Are you a daydreamer, sometimes living in a fantasy world?


  ENERGY BLOCKAGES– The first step in developing disease

  Character Structures

The development of the Character Structures is based on the observations of Dr. Wilhelm Reich who found that people with similar childhood experiences had similar body structures (the places where the trauma was held). Depending on the age at which these traumatic events took place the child begins to block its feelings and therefore the free flow of energy and this in turn establishes a habitual defence system. Trauma inside the womb for instance is defended against quite differently to that of toilet training.
This pioneering work of Wilhelm Reich was further developed by Drs. Alexander Lowen and John Pierrakos, who later added the spiritual aspects to these character structures. Barbara Brennan finally added her knowledge and ability to observe the human aura to complete this analysis.

What follows here is a very brief description of these major stages of wounding that form blockages, which in turn manifest eventually as physical illness. The human experience is so multifaceted and rich in permutations that each individual person’s form and intensity of wounding is different. This individuality allows that no two healings are ever the same. It is a never-ending wonderment to see how each person has manifested its life path.

  Schizoid Structure
   Time of Trauma: before or during birth or within the first few days of life.

Trauma: Hostility from mother, such as anger from parent or rejection or problems during birthing process. Child is feeling abandoned.

Defence: To withdraw back into the spirit world where the soul came from.
Fear, that the person has no right to exist, feeling threatened.
Speaking in depersonalised language, absolutes and intellectualising.

Characteristics: Can leave their body easily, disconnected, uncoordinated, with cold hands and feet. Hyperactive and ungrounded, twisted spine. Terror of annihilation. Experiences world as a cold and hostile place, Longing for connection with others. Very Spiritual and creative individuals. Many Chakras work counter-clockwise. Inner Terror and Rage, often directed against themselves.

  Oral Structure

Time of Trauma: Babyhood / Feeding

Trauma: Abandonment. Loss of mother either through death, illness or withdrawal.
Not getting “enough”, either by mother pretending to love and give, but actually resenting the child.

Defence: Becoming independent, early walking/talking, early compensation for not daring to ask for what it needs. Deprived, does not want to take responsibility.

Characteristics: Body is underdeveloped, slumps, hollow depressed chest, shallow breathing and eyes that suck energy. Holding on to people, and clinginess. Needy, fear of being abandoned. Grabbing, Use of sexuality to experience closeness and contact. Demands to be nurtured and fulfilled, but can never get enough. Centred on intellectual and verbal activity, not physical.

  Displaced or Psychopathic Structure

Time of Trauma: Early childhood

Trauma: Covertly seductive parent of the opposite sex. The parent wanting something from the child. Caught in a triangle with the parents and not getting the support needed from the parent of the same sex. Siding with the parent of the opposite sex, and still not getting what he needs.

Defence: Feeling betrayed and compensating by manipulating the parent of the opposite sex.

Characteristics: Controlling others by any means possible, lying, seduction and manipulation to evoke submission. Drive for power and need to dominate others either by bullying or undermining by seduction. Hostile sexuality with lots of fantasy, used in power play. Strong feelings of superiority and contempt, which covers deep inferiority feelings. Tries not to express his needs, but making others need him. May explode into volcanic rage but in a controlled way.

  Masochistic Structure

Time of Trauma: Autonomy Stage: 2-4 years

Trauma: Dominating parent. Controlling eating/toilet functions in invasive ways. Being made to feel guilty for any self-assertion attempt. Crushed, humiliated, defeated.

Defence: Trying to hold on to his feelings and creativity. Which then evolved into holding everything in. Polite expression, delivered in a whinging disgust to indirectly manipulate others.

Characteristics: Suffers, whines, complains, remaining submissive on the outside, but will never really submit. Holding on to very strong feelings of spite, negativity, hostility, superiority and fear that he will explode into a violent rage. May be impotent with strong interest in pornography. Females may be non-orgasmic and feel that their sexuality is unclean. Dilemma of double bind ”If I get angry I will be humiliated, if I don’t, I’ll be humiliated”.
Physically heavy and compacted with overdeveloped muscles. Psycho-dynamically he holds in and gets stuck in a morass. He thinks he is trying to please, not aware of his covert provocation.

  Rigid Structure

Time of Trauma: Puberty

Trauma: Rejection by the parent of the opposite sex. Experienced as a betrayal of love.

Defence: Controlling and holding back all his feelings, pain, rage and good feelings too.

Characteristics: Surrender is a scary thing to this person because it means releasing all his feelings again. Will not reach out for what he needs directly, but will manipulate to get what he wants. Worldly with lots of ambition and competitive aggression. Vulnerability is to be avoided at all costs. Deep terror of betrayal. Afraid of being hurt. Holds head high and backbone straight with pride. Walled of to the outpouring and inpouring of feelings. Remains uncommitted in relationships, but demanding love and sexual feelings from others.


During the hands-on healing sessions, whenever these blockages and defences are encountered, I assist the client to get in touch with them. Once they are located and experienced, we can find ways of healing and releasing them. This can take many different forms from gently nourishing and healing to energetic cathartic release, involving hitting cushions or other forms of physically breaking down the barriers. Sometimes it helps to communicate or even role-play with these energetic defences, in order to heal and release them.

  SCHIZOID Defence

The task in healing the Schizoid defence is to face the inner fear and terror, which blocks his immense creativity and spirituality. This terror and rage actually keeps the fragmented aspects of this person apart because he fears that powerful coming together of all his talents. Once integrated there is a tremendous outpouring of creative talents, either in writing, painting, inventions, or in humanitarian tasks, the field is endless.


  ORAL Defence

To heal the oral defence, he needs to learn to give and to trust in the abundance of the universe. Once he knows that his needs will be met, he can lett go of grabbing. Letting go of the victim role, and face his fear of being alone. Once he goes into the void he will find it teaming with life. He can then liberate his talents and make good use of his intelligence and creative work. He is a natural teacher.


The person defending from the Displaced/Psychotic structure needs to find true surrender by letting go of his need to control others. With this he can satisfy his deep longing to connect with people, make friends and feel like a human being.
When his higher-self energies are released, he is very honest, with lots of integrity. Through this he can lead others to their honesty. He is highly intelligent and good at sorting out disagreements, and managing complicated projects. He can finally show his big heart full of love.


A Person with a masochist defence structure needs to free himself from his aggression, which will release his humiliation. There is a highly creative person waiting inside to come out. He is very caring and a natural negotiator. He has a huge heart and is full of compassion. There is no end to his talents, and capacity for joy and fun. He is capable of great playfulness and lightness, and will excel in whatever he chooses to do.

  RIGID Defence

The person with a Rigid defence structure needs to share his feelings with others. There is no limit to his capacities. He is full of adventure, passion and love. Once liberated, he is an inspiration to others, a natural leader in any field he chooses. Capable of deep contact with others and the universe.


  Energy Healing has been found to be especially helpful with the following physical and emotional conditions:

Addictions and Obsessive Behaviour
Accelerated Recovery from Surgery or Injury
Back Problems
Chronic Fatigue
Digestive Disorders
Eating/ Weight Disorders
Female Conditions
Heart Conditions
Life Traumas (Abuse or Accident)
Restoring normal Sexual Function and Enjoyment
Low Self-esteem/Lack of Confidence
Self-Sabotaging Behaviour Patterns (Relationships, Jobs etc)
Self-Limiting Beliefs
Manifesting Abundance
Fulfilling Life Purpose
Once we are in tune with our purpose there is no limit to the release of physical illness and disease.

As the layers of the aura become more balanced, and vibrating at their correct frequency, the effect is like that of a tuning fork, once struck it will effect the vibration of other tuning forks in its surroundings. So successive layers of the human energy field and consciousness expand and grow.
* The chakras open more and more.
* Images and misconceptions, negative beliefs and thought patterns are released, and this     clears away stagnant energy that has been held in the field; creating more lightness and     higher vibrations.
* The energy field becomes more resilient and fluid.
* Creativity increases, as the efficiency of the energy-metabolising system increases.
* Realisation of our life task,
* Reconnecting with that deep longing held since early childhood.
* “One’s way of life changes to a natural flow of energy exchange and transformation with the universe. We begin to see ourselves as a unique aspect of the universe, completely integrated with the whole. Our energy system is seen as an energy transformation system, which takes in energy from the environment, breaks it down, transforms it and then resynthesizes it and sends it out into the universe in a higher spiritual state. Thus we each are living transformation systems. Since the energy we transform has consciousness, we are transforming consciousness. We are truly spiritualising matter.” Barbara Brennan in Hands of Light


  The Healing Process

In Energy Healing similar to psychotherapy the client is viewed from a holistic perspective. This alternative form of therapy ventures deep down into the energetic level of the patient beyond the limits of linear space and time.
As people move into health, they often experience a bumpy ride. Sometimes the improvements are instant and lasting, but quite often the patient might initially improve, and then the symptoms might get worse. Energetically their field is clearing, but their tolerance level to their emotional pain becomes less, so the awareness of the condition increases as the experience of their imbalances becomes more acute. Healing is a cyclical process, which carries the person on a spiral journey deeper and deeper to the root of the problem. Each cycle requires a deeper level of self-acceptance and the willingness to go further.


At first the person needs to be able to admit that there is a problem. They need to come out of denial and let themselves experience the problem. The patient always remains in control over how far and how deep he goes in the healing process.
Hence I do not like to give healings to people on behalf of others, however well intentioned they may be. Sometimes we have to accept the path the individual has chosen, and can not interfere.
All healing requires some change within the patient, some willingness to give up whatever is maintaining the illness, this form of surrender and acceptance can only be achieved by becoming fully aware of the roots of the causes for the illness. It is important for the healer to recognise and accept in whichever stage of healing the client is, and gently lead him into the next stage or phase of healing.


The stages of healing are very similar to the 5 stages of dying: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. But these are followed by the stages of integration of rebirth and the creation of a new life.
As it is important for the client to fully experience each one of these stages, to raise their level of awareness of what keeps them locked in this emotional response to the illness, so that the root cause can be released and healed. A skilled healer will recognise when the client is ready to move on and when some deeper work is still necessary. Many times the client will expect the healer to just do “the bit with the hands-on energy transfer”, where they can lie down and take no part in the transformation. They refuse to take ownership of their issues and demand a quick and painless fix. Although healing under these circumstances can be effective in the short term, they are rarely as lasting and as complete as when the client is actively involved in the healing process.


Most people will ignore the first signs of trouble and rationalise it in many different ways. The time they wait before consulting a doctor or voicing their problems, changes in their ability to function or be honest about the pain they experience before seeking help. We all do it; it almost seems like a totally natural way of being. At the bottom of this behaviour sits fear. Some fears are very real (who will look after the children if I have to go to hospital for an operation?) and some are bordering on the highly irrational (they will chop my head off, if I go and see the specialist).
As long as the person is in denial he will not seek help or communicate his fears. It is important to establish trust with the people around you and with your healer so that these fears can be voiced and addressed. The positive experience of overcoming one of the little fears gives encouragement to tackle the bigger issues.


Coming out of denial carries most people into some form of expressing their anger, this can also be feelings of hate, resentment, envy and these are often projected on to other people in the family. This can lead to arguments and confrontations, when nothing is going right. The whole world around is at odds. This stage is easy to understand, we lash out because we feel the pain of not being able to do the things we used to, or having to face that the life we thought we would be living is slipping away. It will be different for everybody but the good news is that this is only a stage; we will eventually come out of it.


Since anger did not get you what you wanted, unconsciously you will try to be good, change this and that in the hope that it will get you what you want. Most bargaining is done with God, it will bring up many issues of guilt, if you would have done this or eaten the right food, exercised more or been more compassionate with people etc, and you would not have this dreadful illness. All this guilt is still coming out of fear, and releasing and healing the root causes of this fear will enable you to move forward in the healing. If there are no immediate transformations however, this will inevitably lead to the next step of the healing process,


We have tried every way we where used to get our own way, and nothing has worked, we are still ill and with this comes the phase of confronting our powerlessness and we lose hope of ever getting out of this alive, there is gloom and we don’t know how to express our sadness, cutting ourselves off from interacting with others. This is the lonely place, the time to retreat back into the depth of the cave. The energy field is depressed, often through harsh treatments like chemotherapy or surgery which deplete the human energy field. Hands-on energy healing will clear the energy field and enable you to come out of this stage much faster. The feelings of self-rejection and self-judgements are finally expressed and you can mourn the loss.


Acceptance is the stage of getting to know yourself, when you let go of the unrealistic expectations and where you question the real values in your life. Illness can be a wonderful opportunity to stop and for the very first time to get to know the real you, the person beyond persona, to discover the core of you being and the reason for your existence. You question your values and the situations in which you live that created this illness. It is acceptance of ourselves mostly but also acceptance of the illness, which leads to the transformation.



Acceptance and healing leads to the birth of the new you. The old way of life and the old way of not being able to ask for what you need or to live in betrayal of yourself have gone and now is the time to implement all these changes. You might find that old friends and relationships no longer serve you and you are seeking new friends that are appreciative of you and are supporting you from a soul level. At first this might be time for you to be on your own, the cocoon stage, where the new person is maturing and when you emerge more in contact with the parts of you that had previously been neglected. This is the time for rewriting history, when you can understand that you can change your relationship to past events and change the way in which you react emotionally to these events and heal them.
Creating a new Life
As the healing unfolds within you, you will notice the “ripple effect” it has in all areas of your life. Finding the love for yourself to heal, transforms the person into a bright light that attracts other positive people and events. As these things slowly unfold over time you will notice that you cultivate new hobbies, live closer to you dream and that relationships on all levels improve dramatically. The possibilities of the changes in your new life are endless, but everything is starting to fall into place.






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