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HealingYouHealing Techniques

   Basic Hands-On Healing


Energy healing - hands on psychic healing on the first level of the human energy fieldThe basic hands-on healing is most often used for initial contact with the client. It charges the Human Energy Field with energy and removes the most recently acquired energetic blockages which are ready to be moved. The basic hands-on healing enables the healer to obtain a comprehensive picture of whole person and particular of the areas requiring deeper work.
During the hands-on healing the chakras get charged and balanced, which helps the client to connect more deeply with themselves. Basic hands-on healing can be used to relieve physical pain and tension. Once the energetic blockages are removed the self- healing process can commence.
I use this method mainly on the fist 3 levels of the HEF.

First Level of HEF, Physical Body Healing.
On the physical level blockages are perceived when any type of physical pain or numbness is experienced, due to accidents, injury or surgery. The energy channelled during the basic hands-on healing speeds up the healing process by directing extra energy to the tissues that need repair.

Case History- Basic Healing on the physical level
One of my clients came to me with a broken toe. After energetically realigning the bones the energy flowed freely into the foot. The swelling reduced visibly during the healing and afterwards the client recovered in record time. As she had previously broken a toe on her other foot, she was able to compare the recovery time with the previous injury. The bruising and swelling reduced within hours and it mended completely in less than half the time than the previous injury did.

2nd Level of HEF, Emotional Body

The emotional body is in a fluid state of different colours reflecting the emotions. Darker colours and clouds appear when the emotions are blocked. Working on the Emotional Level usually happens as integral part of the basic hands on healing. As I move up the body, I can sense mucous or clouds form on the emotional level, which are an expression of the distortions of the motions and after they have been cleared the original clear colours of this field are once more visible.
Often people hang on to painful memories and hook into the toxic emotions that are created by these memories. This is what the healer perceives and experiences on the emotional level. As a result of the clearing it becomes easier for the client to let go of the toxic cycle of hooking into negative emotions, and views memories in a more objective way. Unresolved issues can be revisited and a process of understanding and forgiving initiated.

3rd Level of HEF, the Mental Body.
This is the energetic level where the thoughts become visible. Here positive and negative thought patterns become tangible and accessible to the energy healer. Healing usually occurs on the mental level, when connections between the emotions from the second level and the thoughts are being made. It is like these two are working very closely together, so that negative emotions manifest in negative thought patterns. Also when people are avoiding their emotions and suppressing them with their thoughts. There needs to be a healthy balance between these two fields.
Running energy on this level and releasing blockages is often felt by the client in slow and gradual changes in attitude and the ability to react more calmly in stress situations in daily life. The incremental changes can be very instant but sometimes may take several weeks or month to become aware of the subtle changes in attitudes at home and at work.

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  Chakra Balancing

Energy Healing chakra balancing - restoring equilibrium to the energy system of the body by adjusting the flow of each of the energy centersThe chakras at the front of the body represent the emotional  or personality side of the person whilst the rear chakras are connected with the will of the person. In most people there is some form of imbalance between the front and the rear aspect of each chakra. Sometimes one chakra might be overcharged, which can then dominate and suppress the expression of the neighbouring chakras.
When sensing into the energy that flows from the chakras, the healer will charge up the ones that are running sluggishly by channelling more energy into them, and if the chakra is over-active, the reversal of energy flow will close down the chakra sufficiently, so that it is running at similar strength to its neighbouring chakras. This facilitates communication and harmony within the overall body.


Colour Healing

Energy healing - colour healing, the emotions are changing colours and intensity reflecting the amount of energetic blockage in the energy centers, colour healing rebalances and removed blockages in the emotional level of the human energy field
The colours of the second level of the HEF which contains the emotions change according to the amount of negative thoughts and emotions that are contained within the emotional field. These are connected to traumas and unprocessed emotions from the past. It also reflects illusory beliefs and negative self-images as well as self-limiting beliefs. In order to work with these thought-forms at the higher levels, it is essential that the emotional level is healed first.
With colour healing we remove stagnated and darkened emotional clouds and infusing strong healing colours into the energy field, which prepares the client for deeper work on other levels. Infusing strong, healthy colours into the energy field, helps the client to let go of illusions and enables him or  her to live more in the moment and to choose how to connect with our creative energy. Infusing clear strong healing colours enables us to expand our consciousness and to wake up from the dream,the illusion, able to re-choose how we are dealing with the memories left behind from life’s traumas. Colour healing enables us to re-create ourselves into the potential of who we always have been, able to choose how we experience life and our emotions.

Another aspect of healing with colour is to physically use colour to strengthen a particular part of the energy field which is depleted. Colour is light vibrating at slightly different frequencies. If for instance a person has issues around communication, which is centered around the throat chakra, we can use the appropriate colours of light blue in the form of wearing clothes, scarves or gems in jewellery to support this area. During the colour healing sessions, the areas that are undercharged are noted and an appropriate remedy can be advised to support the continuing healing process.

Case History – Colour Healing
One client with acute and severe depression needed to do some deep healing for the Inner Child. But her emotional state was so volatile, that she would not have been able to deal with the raw and strong emotions that needed to be released and healed from her childhood. During the first healing session I concentrated on charging up every level of her energy field with strong vibrant healing colours. During this colour healing session I also removed much of the dark and stagnant clouds that where blocking on many levels. When her emotions where thus stabilised and stronger, we could begin with the deeper healing necessary to release some of her childhood traumas. And with just 3 sessions in total her life started to transform. The depression was gone, and she has resolved many issues with her parents, improving their relationship, and has within months started her own business, which is successful and growing the last time I heard from her.

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Sound Healing

Energy Helaing - healing with sound, vibrating a the right frequency to dissolve enegetic blockages which can be in any part of the bodySimilar to light, sound is energy vibrating at specific frequencies, but on a differnt level along the spectrum of measurable vibrations, This form of Sound Healing is sometimes also known as Resonant Frequency Healing.
As I connect with the client, sometimes the images that are perceived are very strongly visual and other times I strongly resonate with the emotions. But with some clients the resonance is on the level of sound, then the imbalances in the energy field are perceived as shifting patterns of sound. With this form of sound healing the body of the client is scanned with sound, and the distorted patterns emerge. By gently feeling into these patterns, and letting them resonate with my own body, they then emerge from my body. With careful atunement to the sound within the client and the resonance with the outer sounds, these patterns then begin to shift and move into a more harmonic sound. Thereby rebalancing the frequencies of the client and beginning to shift major blockages which are literally dissolved into thin air.
This technique of sound healing can be used for either the whole of the body for a fine tuning of all the cells within the body, or it can be used for one or more specific areas that need to be worked with. If the client is perceptive and can feel into the part of his body that is out of tune, the client can than also get involved in the healing process, by releasing the discordant sounds from his body, and letting in harmonic healing sounds.

In my sound healing workshops I also like to work with specific sounds that vibrate at the same frequencies to the chakras, and by chanting them, we can balance our chakras and create harmony, wellbeing and healing throughout the body.


  Spine Restructure & Cleanse.

Energy Healing - spine restructure and cleanse removes many emotions which have been held within the area of the spine leading to calcifications, slipped discs and sciaticaMuch emotional energy that gets stuck in the human body is held within and around the spinal column. Many back problems and injuries can be traced back to emotional upsets happening a little while prior to the spinal discomfort. But as one incident is emotional and the other one is physical, the connection between the two events passes mostly unnoticed. By separating out physical and emotional trauma this often vital link is overlooked. Energetically traumas don’t just go away; they get stored in some part of the human body and can remain there for the rest of our life.
The spinal cleanse technique firstly senses into the energetic blockages around the spinal column and the stuck emotions can be felt as solid forms and sometimes even like calcifications around the individual vertebrae. These constrict and block the natural flow of the chi- life-force energy leading eventually to injury and pain. The spine cleanse removes these energetically stuck emotions and allows the chi to flow freely again. This strengthens every organ and system in the body, especially the nervous system and the cerebral spinal fluid, as all chi energy needs to rise up the spinal column.
After the spine has been cleansed of stuck emotions, the spinal restructure can commence. The spinal restructure repairs and strengthens the individual vertebrae on the energetic levels one, two and three. As the energy runs more freely between the individual vertebrae and the spinal fluid has been cleansed, the emotions can also run more freely and as they are released, negative emotions can be cleared away and removed from the human energy field.
The spine restructure facilitates a natural correction of posture as each vertebrae stacks more freely above the other. We can move with more ease, and grace as we no longer need to compensate with the muscles for our misalignments of the spinal column or to ease the pain arising out of the muscles trying to pull the spine back into alignment..

  Case History –Spinal Restructure.

This client had experienced two separate severe traumas to the spine. The first in a childhood accident around the coccyx, and the second in a multiple car-pileup, where the T7 and T8 had been fractured. She had spent the last 12 years in constant back pain.
After the spine cleanse, during the spinal restructure there where several areas of the spine that seem to just soak up the energy that I was sending in and these areas took much longer until the energy flow went back to normal speed. The very next day after the healing I received a phone call quite early in the morning asking me: “What did you do to my back? I can’t remember what it felt like for so long, but this morning is the very first time in years that I have no back pain whatsoever. I had almost forgotten what it feels like to be without this constant pain. Thank you, thank you.”

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   Celestial Infusion – healing with angels

Energy Healing - Healing with angels, archangels and seraphims connecting with uncondtional love, grace and expanded consciousnessSometimes a client might feel like they have come to the end of the road, lost their aim in life or otherwise be at a low point in their life. Working and healing with the angels and invoking their unconditional love, grace and purity will instantly lift the client into a completely different frame of mind.
The connection with the spirit world brings consciousness and energy to the sixth level of the human energy field. By connecting to the spirit world, the angels enable us to remember who we have always been, and always will be. In the angelic realm we can connect to our own higher self and bring back all the eternal qualities that every human always has been and always will have regardless of what has happened to them in this life or what they may have done or failed to do. During a celestial infusion - angel healing we learn to totally accept ourselves, feel loved and able to forgive ourselves and others.
I like to use this form of healing at the end of a deep healing session, when much work has been done with the lower self or on the astral level or when a client has been very depressed or stricken by grief...
Healing with angels is also a wonderful technique to use just as a general tonic, as not all healings have to “heal” a specific disease. Many clients like to experience the expanded state of consciousness that often happens whilst connected to the energy healer, in order to bring clarity into their own search for meaning in their lives. The energy healer becomes an intermediary between the divine and the human mortal soul, and by connecting the two many remarkable revelations and insights into their personal effort to grow their understanding and illumination have occurred. The angels and spirit know exactly what the client needs right now, and they have the wisdom and clarity to transmit just what is right for the growth of that particular soul.


  Clearing Astral Objects

Energy Healing - clearing astral objects which have remained with in the energy field of the body from past traumas sometimes even from past life traumaThe astral level is a huge arena which contains every experience we have ever had. It carries the memory from the most recent events in our lives, to distant remnants from previous lives and existences. The astral level holds the records of all the relationships we have ever had, the vows we made and broke. This area is vast, full and rich in experience. It contains the remnants of events which have not been processed or healed which are leaving their energetic imprint behind and thereby lowering the overall vibrations of the Human Energy Field. This is like junk, lingering about without any further use.
When connecting to a client on the astral level, only objects which are ready to be released will be removed. Sometimes we encounter objects, which need further deep work, like for instance a past life regression or some soul retrieval, before they can be removed. No force is used in order to remove any objects.
The ways in which these objects or devices were created are myriad and fascinating. We usually think of time as being linear, but on the astral level every event continues to exist and we can connect to our past as well as to our future and connect with the life experience we need to heal.

The astral objects encountered most frequently are knives, arrows, spears, bullets and other weapons which have been instrumental in either the death or great pain and anguish of the client in a previous life. Also often encountered are items of jewellery, wedding rings, religious objects, books, ritual artefacts, etc. Sometimes these astral objects are also manifestations in physical form of some strong emotions like hatred (spikes on the throat) or rage etc. and they act as anchor points for these emotional charges to the physical body.

These astral objects and devices are often the reason why people are caught up in repeating patterns of toxic relationships, or other repeating patterns of self-destruction like gambling, addiction or inability to make themselves heard, timidity, low self-esteem etc. Clearing these astral objects from the energetic field can help people who are stuck in the past, unable to move forward with their lives, as we go back in time, and remove or resolve an ancient conflict, which then liberates our free will to live life the way we intended to.

Case History – Clearing Astral Objects.
M.J. has been suffering from constant sore throats and infections, laryngitis, and losing her voice ever so often, etc. When I sensed into her throat, I perceived a whole collection of objects. There where several knives, which I carefully removed, some spears, and some broken bits of glass, were all lodged within her throat. Around the whole of her neck there were several layers of barbed wire, which had very long spikes embedded in them. These had to be cut loose with some light beams, which were emanating from my hands. After the removal, I also performed a celestial infusion and colour healing, as this area had been so severely traumatised in previous lives. She has not reported any further incidences of throat infections, and her voice is much improved now.

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Inner Child Healing

Energy Healing - Healing the inner child, much of our false images are based on the imprints created during childhood, which can be revisited and put right for profound changes in self-esteem, dependencies and additctionsChildren are completely emotional beings as the ability to understand and rationalise has not yet developed. Often when young children express their emotions they are being punished, rejected or disapproved by the adults around them. In order to be loveable the child learns to suppress these emotions to avoid punishment or rejection. However the energy of these emotions does not go away. It remains and accumulates in the body creating blockages to the healthy flow of energy. This can eventually lead to physical pain and tension. Often we try not to feel this emotional pain, and so we try to deny it by blaming others for how we feel, projecting our feelings onto others and distracting ourselves with various forms of stimulation.
Eventually the body will communicate with us, letting us know that something needs to be released; these messages often come in the form of pain and disease. It is our own body’s self-healing intelligence that is trying to let us know that something has been neglected for a very long time.
The Inner Child Healing provides a safe environment for the client to delve back into the mostly forgotten parts of his childhood. In some instances we go into the preverbal states or sometimes even to the point of birth and before, right back into the womb.
The inner child will heal when we give it space to express itself, and also when we can go back in time and protect and nourish the child when it needed it most. This is a very gentle and yet also a very profound way of healing. The inner child healing enables us to transform the original wounding and allows us to express how we are really feeling. It is a form or re-parenting, where we can let go of shame, humiliation, grief and sadness, disappointment and rage. Once the inner child is healing, we can live a more authentic life, free to express who or what we are without shame or fear of rejection. Once the inner child is healing, we rediscover joy and living in our truth. It opens the gates to our creativity and releasing our imagination and our capacity to live in the moment.


  Relationship Cord Healing

Energy Healing - Relationship cord healing, following the connections we have with people and oabjects to turn them into healthy and stable connections, removing toxic patterns and bindings.We humans are living in groups, in families in close contact with other humans. Although solitude is sometimes refreshing, essentially we are tribal and flourish in company with others around us. This contact manifests in many different forms of relationships. Some are very nourishing and supportive, whilst others can be destructive and undermining our essence.
The way in which we form relationships starts in the very first or formative relationships that we have with our mother, father, siblings, friends, teachers etc. These relationships form part of the way in which we set up the patterns for the way in which we relate to other people for the rest of our lives. These patterns are built on subconscious assumptions which are made very early in life that this is the correct way to relate to anybody.

Most significant relationships are with people with whom we had relationships in previous lives. We are incarnating within a group of (about 30-50 people) souls which will tend to keep on coming back again but in different roles to deal with particular karmic issues. These cords or patterns can follow us through lifetimes and they are primarily on the astral level, but stored within these cords are the memories of everything that ever happened in that relationship of these souls.

Co-dependent relationships are set up to be mutually colluding. There is a silent agreement to support each other’s illusionary stories. Where neither partner is able to get out of a destructive pattern, or is held by underlying feelings of guilt or hopelessness. These agreements again can reach back beyond several lifetimes. I often see these as hooks, where people hang on to each other surrounded by fear.

When sensing into the cords that we form in our relationships, we can perceive the nature and the strength of this relationship in the size and colour and also the position of these cords. As there are endless variations to relationships there is also an endless variation as to the shape and the size of these relationship cords. Healing these relationship cords happens also in a vast variety of ways, either by disentangling cords, reconnecting broken cords, healing injured cords, repositioning cords on either side. The subsequent healing can have far reaching effect, often like the rippling effect of throwing a stone into water. By just healing one relationship, the atmosphere within a family can change completely or the communication at work or with a boss can be greatly improved. It enables us to get more in touch with our emotions and feelings acknowledging that we have the right to have these emotions.

Case History – Relationship Cord Healing
J.J. had been abused at a very young age, and her relationship with her mother has been distant and cold. As we connected with the cord for this relationship with her mother, it felt like an old gnarled tree trunk, all twisted and rigid. As I was healing that cord, the client felt the connection with her mother, and very gently she started telling her mother just how she felt and what she had needed from her when she was small. The conversation went very deep and the picture of the mother became clearer and clearer on the other end of the cord. When I saw her a few month later, she told me that her mother called her just a few days after the healing and they had a very close and intimate conversation. From then on, their communication has vastly improved, and much healing and forgiving was taking place.

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Past Life Regression

Energy Healing - past life regression - many present day issues have their roots in conflicts which remained unresoved in past lives and are braught back with us into this lifetime. Much understanding and forgiving can be attained through past life healingThe purpose for Past Life healing is to identify and clear unresolved, residual experiences from past lives such that we are not transferring this past image on to the present, and recreating the same limiting life patterns.

The past life regression healing follows the unresolved issue right back to the very beginning of the conflict. The object of these explorations into the past life is not to go sightseeing and getting lost in the drama of past lives, but to find the point in time where the original wounding took place, and with this information to take the client to a place of knowledge, where the life lesson that needed to be learned, can finally be understood, healed and released.
The most important bit of information: The reason why ….. is the significant component in this healing process. Once we understand, we can see how we have hung on to painful emotions over the course of many lifetimes and we can see how much has been lost and destroyed just to come to this one place of recognition and understanding. This is where true forgiveness can take place, where we can see our own role changing from the victim to the perpetrator and back again. Much of these revelations are gained by moving on to the place beyond death. For this the client often has to experience their own death in order to move to the place beyond death and in between incarnations.

The understanding we gain during a past life regression has a most profound effect on many of our significant relationships. It can lead us to a completely new view on the dynamics of the relationships with have with our mother, father, spouse, children etc. This is very deep exploration work and it is important that the client is able to have time and space to fully integrate these profound experiences afterwards.

Another form of past life regression helps the client to retrieve a gift or treasure which is most needed for an endeavour in this lifetime. If for instance the client is faced with a difficult situation in present life, we can go back in time and connect with a lifetime where he had and embodied all the qualities, which are needed now to persevere. These can be presents of courage or accomplishment, motherhood or experiencing being of the other sex and bringing back some to these special qualities. It is just a remembering of who we are, and delving into the richness of experience that we have already lived.

Case History – Past Life Healing:
W. has been a mother to two sons and a wife to a charismatic husband for many years. As the children grew up, she felt at a loss of how to evolve and adopt a new role in her life. As we ventured into her past, she connected with herself in a lifetime as a monk in charge of a major building project. She had been the architect of a wonderful church and monastery. She brought back the knowledge how skilled and respected she had been in that lifetime, but also the understanding that she had not wanted to become a monk, but was forced into this situation by her father. The gift was the understanding that she is capable of great achievements and it is alright to be proud of creating something so beautiful. Within a few months she set out on training in a new career, and she is now successfully running workshops and training for others. She has found her own way, making her own mark, which is also complementing rather than competing with the activities of her husband.


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  Entity Release - Letting go of negative attachments

Energy Healing - entity release healing - letting go of attachments to astral thoughtforms and fragmented souls which have attached themselves to usBefore discussing the release of entities, it is useful to find out what entities are, how do they get to us, what do they want, and how can we know if there has been an attachment?
It is a fascinating subject, and understanding these attachments can vastly accelerate the healing process.
What we call an entity has also been described in many different ways in the past, but the word entity seems to best incorporate the different aspects of these manifestations.

1. Entities are beings with a discrete consciousness that is separate from us.
2. Entities enter into a parasitic relationship with the host.
3. The Entity attachment usually drains vitality and energy from the host, which lowers the vibrations and consciousness of the host.
4. Some of these entities can remain attached to the host throughout many lifetimes.

Origins of Entities


The origins of these attachments can be separated into 4 main groups:
A. Discarnate Human – Lost souls or fragments of souls, which may have  experienced a sudden/traumatic death. Often family relations.
B. Earth Spirits – Bound to special places, territorial and mischievous.
C. Extra Terrestrials- Attachments from the astral level.
D. Dysfunctional thought forms – Negative thoughts take on a life of their own, especially when someone dies with negative thoughts, which then fragment on the transition of the soul, remain earthbound, and looking for a host.

There are many different ways in which we can pick up these little hitchhikers often when we are in a state of emotional shock, when our natural defences are low and our energy field has been damaged. This is especially so when we experience physical injury through accident (especially to the head), or during surgery in hospitals. In fact hospitals are one of the favourite places where many lost souls and soul fragments are looking for hosts. Another favourite is pubs, where many addictive entities are looking for easy prey. In many parts of the world curses, spells and other rituals are used to send an entity to someone.


So what are the Symptoms of the presence of entities?

1 Lack of willpower “I can resist anything, except temptation”
2 Addictions of any type : Substances, food, sex, medication
3 Addictive behaviour: TV, video games, gambling
4 Procrastination
5 Confusion, doubt
6 Attraction to Horror movies, Heavy Metal music, extreme sports, sensations
7 Self abuse
8 Mental instability – Schizophrenia, Hysteria, Depression, sensation of being watched, hearing voices etc.
9 Criminal violent impulses, abusers and victims.
10 Lying, Cheating, Guilt.

Release of Negative Attachments

The release of these entities varies greatly, and is unpredictable. When I connect with the client on the astral level and encounter an entity, sometimes these lost souls are in pain, and very pleased to be shown the way to the light and are ready to move on and let go of their host. They really where lost on their transition from the physical to the non physical existence, and welcome their release. They are like lost children that are in pain without any menace. I embrace them with loving kindness and help them to transcend into the spirit world. The transition of these kind of entities is very peaceful and done with much grace and compassion for their long suffering.

Some entities do not want to be released, they have made themselves a comfortable home, and any contact with them is viewed as a threat, and they react with much fear and defences. Often they have formed a symbiotic relationship with the host, so that the host also gets some form of payoff from this connection and is himself not ready to let go of this entity. This can show itself in the form of relationship cords between the entity and the host or appears as hooks that hook into the body of the host. I do not believe that any form of violence it needed, instead, I encourage the client to start communicating with the entity, and find out what it wants, what it is afraid of, and how we can help it. In this way the client takes an active part in the healing process.
Sometimes it might be necessary for the client to spend some time really getting to know his entity, and learning to distinguish which emotions, reactions or needs are his own and which ones are coming from the entity. The entity can then no longer hide in the darkness of the unknown, influencing the behaviour of the client, but becomes part of the conscious awareness of the client. When the client has formed a separation from the other consciousness, the entity can be released quite quickly with lasting results.

On some rare occasions I have come across entities which are pure destructive evil, and they have no intention of communicating with their host, in fact it could be quite dangerous to invite this kind of exchange. For these occasions I connect with Archangel Michael and ask for his assistance, and either we remove this entity together, or I observe how he fights with this spirit and defeats it. So far all these entity removals have all been successful.

Case History – Entity Release

Client B came to me with severe pain in the right shoulder, which had been there for several years, and no remedy could be found.
When I came to healing the shoulder I felt an instant sharp pain running through my body, and could sense fear and resistance. Slowly the image of a beautiful iridescent creature the size of a dinner plate emerged. It looked like a huge insect, with the top shell in the colour and iridescence of the wings of a blue butterfly. Underneath there where pincers, that where like hooks and mouths, grappling hooks all into one, which where draining energy from the shoulder of the client. I formed a telepathic connection with the entity and I learned much of its fears of being completely lost in this universe, not knowing how to get back home, afraid to leave. I connected with the angels and asked for their assistance in guiding this lost soul back to its home. Slowly the entity released its grip and transcended being carried by an angelic being.
The shoulder pain went instantly and has not returned within the last 2 years.

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  Psychic Surgery

Energy Healing - psychic surgery, healing in the intuitive level with the aid of spirit helpers and spirit guidesThe 5th level of the Human Energy Field is the template format for the perfect body. It contains the blueprint, the building instructions to realign the physical body with its etheric template. Psychic surgery happens on this level, where we can reconnect with the body in its perfect state, and rebuild it in the image of perfection.
When this kind of healing is called for, the energy healer becomes the channel for the surgeons to use as a conductor of energy, and a bridge that maintains the connections for the surgeons to be able to work on this body.
I have a very clear visual image of one of the spirits that comes through me and performs the surgery. He is a middle aged gentleman, all dressed in natural hides, with the rounded flat features of central Mongolia. But there are others as well, which not always reveal themselves in such clear visual images. They make their presence felt in many different ways. As an energy healer this is one of the most fascinating healing techniques, as I am not consciously directing the healing, but merely witness the surgical procedures that are being performed. Sometimes I am directed to assist, either by holding an instrument or maintaining a certain level of intensity of healing energy, or by removing parts of energetic organs that have been replaced with new ones.
Sometimes they are sending in whole armies of little helpers to sew up tears in the fabric of the aura or in the chakras or even in some organs. They move with immense speed and precision. No two healings have ever been the same. Just as every person is unique so also is the type of psychic surgery that is being performed. It just leaves me in wonder and awe of the privilege to be able to assist these immensely skilled and wise beings.
This kind of healing is especially effective when used on chronic physical conditions. The client often has no recollection of the laps of time; it is as if they have been put under anaesthetic, remaining in a very deep state of relaxation or sleep. They often emerge a little dizzy and unsteady, very much like the waking up from anaesthetics of physical surgery.

Case History – Psychic Surgery

O, a client who was a rather timid and gentle person found that he had constant trouble with the builders which where renovating his house, but never felt quite able to get what he asked for.
When I connected with his solar plexus in the healing I perceived it as having hundreds of little holes and tears, that where leaking his will-energy out. He was totally depleted, and could not contain or maintain his solar plexus chakra. So I connected to the 5th level, and there appeared a little army of goldsmiths with delicate instruments, who where hammering and welding the tears in the solar plexus. What at first looked like a colander with the light seeping out in all directions was reshaped into a funnel that could direct and contain the will energy of the solar plexus. Later there was also some activity in his heart center and around his throat, where a metal cage was removed by the surgeons.
Over the next few months O. found that he could ask more directly for what he wanted, and being able to say no when needed. His renovation project progressed much faster and with greatly improved communication with the builders.


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  Organ Restructure

Energy Helaing - Organ restructure, even after an organ has beensurgically removed, the energetic imprint of it still remains and can be healedBefore a disease becomes physical reality it already exists in the energy field. The skilled energy healer can sense into this disease before it has become manifest, and if necessary restructure and heal the diseased organ.

Surgery can remove the physical part of a diseased organ, but the underlying pattern in the energetic field remains in place and in time will find another form of expressing itself. This is especially so for organs such as the uterus, liver, gallbladder, tonsils or bowel. If these organs have been removed or damaged, the energetic field still contains the trauma or emotional charge that is associated with it.
The organ restructure healing works systematically on each level of the energy field by clearing out each layer of the energy field and removing whatever has caused the damage and deterioration. The organ restructure is a very powerful tool to help with recovery after any form of injury or surgery. And it often heals the organ on the energetic level, so that physical healing can follow.
The same technique can also be used to restructure chakras, which have been damaged or pulled out of alignment.


  Essence Expansion

Energy Healing -Essence expansion - journey to the divine immortal part of our soul, the place where our consiousness will return to after we die, and also a journey beyond the awareness of the soul....it can go deeper than you can imagine....infinity and beyondThis technique of expanding essence is the most deepest and profound journey that the energy healer can undertake with his client. It is sometimes called a Core Star Healing. But I find it difficult to call it a healing, although the experience has most transformative and has deeply reaching effects. Most people expect to have some form of disease or illness before contacting an energy healer to assist with the physical problem. An essence expansion takes the healer and the client way beyond physical existence, into the realm of collective consciousness, experiencing the ONE-ness with the universal love.
An essence expansion helps the client to become consciously aware of essence, and to meet their true self, which is beyond the ego in the Unitive Consciousness. It guides the client to an alignment with their intention and opens the consciousness to an experience of greater reality.
To benefit from this consciousness expansion it really is not necessary to have a physical illness. Therefore I look upon thisnot so much as a healing but as a guided tour into expanded consiousness, as something that everybody should do at least once in their life.

Every human body will eventually be left behind in the process of dying. For many this event is shrounded in much fear and terror of the unknown. Our culture does not adequately prepare the individual for this event, as many people have given up on the rigid dogmas of some established religions. However more and more people have come into the public arena describing their near death experience, and the similarities and congruence with the experience during an essence expansion is fascinating. This form of exploration into the consciousness beyond the physical existence during an essence expansion healing can be of tremendous help when preparing for the final journey.

   Intention Alignment

Energy healing - Intention alignment - in the beginning there ws the word...before creation and manifestation there has to be intention to bring thought into existence. This thought can be aligned to our purpose in life The dimension of intention is the foundation for the seven levels of the personality. Life with its many trials and tribulations often finds us getting lost in the drama of it all. When we align our intention line, we remove all the blockages that have built up over the years, and bring the person closer to their life purpose. The intention alignment helps to bring someone to the place where they are able to use their free will to choose to be remembering who they really are, to come out of illusion, pain and suffering.
The intention alignment is especially useful for people who are at a time of change or at a crossroad in their life. It is also very important for people who are going through challenges like depression, addictions or suicidal impulses. The famous mid-life crisis is often a search for the reconnection with the purpose for this particular incarnation, when we are looking for the reason or the meaning of it all. This is like a message from the soul to take some time out and re-evaluate and re-align our life.

 Case History – Intention Alignment

B, a personal friend was puzzled why over the last 2 years many of her endeavours have ended in failure. None of them where of her own making, but nevertheless several business ventures folded. So I suggested that perhaps a couple of intention alignments will bring her closer to where she needs to be. After the two sessions, her attitude to life became more relaxed, and within a few months, chance encounters and information led her to be in contact with a group of people to whom she has a very strong past life connection, remembering several lifetimes within this tribe. She has now been invited to be their European agent, and all of her previous jobs and experiences seem like they where just exactly the skills she needed to gather to really do this job well. It is like she has been waiting all her life for this opportunity, without realising what she had been training for. And all these previous business failures now seem like they needed to happen, to free her for this most important task in her life.


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  Conscious Dying

Energy Healing - conscious dying - the final journey of transcendence, to reunite with the immortal and divine part of our soul can be assisted by an energy healerThis journey of a lifetime has a very deep healing effect on the physical as well as on the auric levels. It is especially helpful to assist someone in conscious dying. When a person is filled with fear and uncertainty about the process of dying, the soul is in turmoil and death in such a state of mind can propel the soul to an endless search and many more incarnations before it can learn this lesson.
When I connect my essence with the essence of the client, we join as one and travel through the physical layers of our energy field and then beyond the physical earthbound existence, leaving our bodies behind and expanding beyond time and space to their spiritual home. We visit the seat of their soul and expand beyond that in the conscious awareness of the unity of the soul with the whole of the universe.
When the time is ready we descend back into the physical density of our universe and our bodies, but what we bring back is the most precious gift of experiencing the non-physical Unitive Consciousness. Knowing what is awaiting us after we leave our bodies behind, is so immensely comforting. It is an experience that benefits everybody whether they are just about to depart or even so that they can assist a loved one in their final hour, to give comfort and solace to their departing soul.


DNA Activation

Energy Healing - 12 strand DNA activation - we have 12 strands of energetic DNA which lie dormant, waiting to be activated for the benfit of mankinds evolutionAll life on this planet follows a divine blueprint that we call DNA. Science has discovered the first two strands of this double helix of life, however there are a further 10 strands of DNA, which lie dormant within the etheric body. The activation of these extra 10 strands of DNA helps us to come more fully into the realization of our physical existence. The energetic and physical systems receive a boost that can have far reaching effects.
The Benefits of DNA activation are an increase in physical efficiency, by removing energetic blockages, increasing physical energy, muscle rejuvenation etc. It activates the base cell in the Pineal Gland.12 strand DNA activation also brings us closer to our higher self or oversoul consciousness. It expands our consciousness, increasing the awareness of everything on every level. This also increases the healing of the consciousness of the planet. It helps with emotional detox, whereby we can release long held emotional issues that are attaching us to disease.
12 strand DNA activation brings us closer to our life purpose, manifesting more fulfilling relationships on all levels of life. As the body attunes to a higher frequency it also attracts beings of a higher vibrational level into our lives. More synchronicity with the people we meet in business, clients, friends etc.

Case History – DNA Activation

H, a client who had decided on a change in career, and trained for this new career, but found that most jobs he applied for where asking for previous experience. It was a vicious circle, and he remained unemployed for several months. He came to see me because this situation made him quite depressed. I first aligned his intention line and then activated his DNA. Within a few days his attitude when he went for interviews had completely changed. And very shortly afterwards he walked into his dream job.

YouTube - Light Body Development and DNA Part II


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How does Distance Healing work?

Energy Healing - Distance healing, we are part of the same fabric of life that surrounds us and is within us, so we can transcend time and space to effect the bodies of anybody in any part of the world, quantum physics in actionWe are surrounded and immersed in the Universal Energy Field. It is connected to any place and any point in time. Every event that has ever taken place and that will ever take place is thus existing in a non dimensional reality.

Whenever a healer enters the State of Expanded Consciousness for healing, we are directly connected with this Universal Energy Field.
This enables us to connect to any person or any place at any time we choose. Space and time in our traditional understanding and limitation does not apply. This reality we are connecting with is much vaster than that.

This is a fascinating subject and much scientific research to the effects of remote healing and remote viewing, as well as to the healing power of prayers has been undertaken. We are entering into the reals of quantum physics, and if you are interestedin the science of space and time, you can visit the what the bleep site and connect to the pages for some of the scientists featured there.

Some energy healers like to send their healing intention out to the client. This can sometimes be destabilising, if the healer is not properly grounded. And it is not always possible to pinpoint specific locations in the body. One can compare the to the effect of a shotgun, which spreads the healing energy all over the body.

I prefer to bring the energetic body of my client to my clinic. I perceive this in such a way as I can see the body floating right onto my treatment couch, and then I conduct the energy healing session on the energetic body of the client, as if the physical body of the client is laying there in front of me. This helps me to remain very well grounded throughout the whole of the healing session, and therefore I find the actual healings more powerful and effective.

Very often these distance healings are even more intensive and remarkable in their results as normal ands on healing sessions. It is as if the denser physical body sometimes gets in the way of the healing.

During the distance  healing session I am usually so tuned in to the client that the healing comes more from the mind and the intention than through my hands. Although the connection to the energy flowing out of my hands is very strong, there is also a very powerful beam of energy that is released from my brow chakra, which interacts with the energy body of the client. That way I am able to send healing energy to several places in the body simultaneously.
It also enables access to the back and the front of the body or organs simultaneously. This approach is so targeted that it can be compared to the effects of a sharpshooter with a telescopic sight, delivering the healing energy right to the place where it is needed most.

I find that the majority of the individual healing techniques are working just as effectively remotely as they do through physical contact with the body of the client. However I prefer to have physical contact with the client for a spine restructure and an essence expansion rather than doing these remotely.
Although it is possible to initiate a past life healing remotely, I prefer to be in physical contact with the client, so that I can be there to guide them through the integration process afterwards. As it can be unpredictable where these trips will lead to and how traumatic or blissful the experience is for the individual.

For some situations it might be preferable to conduct a shamanic soul  retrieval, which can also be given in the form of a long distance healing.

Many times there are blockages and negative energies that need to be removed from the client’s energetic field, this also can be done in a highly efficient and effective way over a long distance. With much help from the etheric beings, which come and assist me in converting these entities and energetic blockages into pure light.

My clients have also experienced remarkable results when I am sending DNA activation over long distance to them in many countries around the world.
The same applies to shamanic soul retrievals and retrieving of power objects for clients all over the globe from Germany, UK, Switzerland, Holland and the USA.

A Typical Session

Energy Healing - distance healing, relax and let your body be healed by the energy healer whilst you are still in your own bed at home. Remote healing can ofthen be even more powerful than hands on healings.Initial contact with the client is usually via telephone or e-mail. Where we briefly discuss and outline the need for the healing and the procedure.
You will then receive full written instructions how to best prepare yourself for the actual consultation so that you will be able to maximise the benefits to you.You have the opportunity to make instant credit card payments via Paypal at no additional cost to you, or make a BACS transfer into my UK bank account or into my Spanish bank account

Upon receipt of your payment we schedule an appointment. I find it most helpful to either have a photograph from you, or connect via SKYPE or MSN and possibly use a webcam. This helps to deepen the connection for the distance healing session. Using the facilities of the internet also helps to minimise the cost of the phonecalls for international clients.

At the appointed time you call me, and we have a brief discussion (up to 10 mins.) about the condition you need help with and some background information that is relevant to the treatment.

Then you lie down at home in a relaxed atmosphere and just pay a little attention to your breathing, as I connect with you energetically.

Some healers like to send the healing energy out to their clients, but I find it much more powerful and effective, when I bring the energetic body of my client into my treatment room. I can literally see the energetic body floating down and laying on my treatment couch. The healing itself is very similar to the normal hands on healing. But I do find that in addition to the sensation of the energy flowing from my hands into the client, I also feel a very strong beam of energy emanating from my Brow Chakra. This energy beam is often healing several locations on the body simultaneously.

At the end of the healing session I bring you energetically back with some strong grounding, and then disconnect with you and send your energetic body back to your physical body. You will know when this is happening. It will feel like you are suddenly wide-awake.

I normally make some brief notes of what I have found, and about 50 mins. after the beginning of the session, you will call me back again for some feedback and to help you with any issues that have come up and integration.


Benefits of Distance Healing

* Many of my clients live very far away from my clinic in Southern Spain. Some as far away as the US or Germany, Holland, the UK and Switzerland or other parts of Spain.
* Sometimes a client is too infirm to travel.
* If the client has a contagious illness it will prohibit me from giving a hands on healing session.
* If you have a hectic life and not much time to travel and attend my clinic, distance healing can often fit in better with your timetable.
* Distance Healing sessions cost less than the normal healing sessions, as my overheads are less.
* Apart from English I speak fluent German, some Dutch and limited Spanish, so you can consult me in any of these languages.

COSTS: One hour Distance Healing €60.00 Euros or £40.00 Sterling

CONTACT: Ros@healingyou.eu

Tel: 0034-661 708 556

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Healing Animals


Healing Animals

Energy healing of animals, connecting with the energy body of a living creature to strenghten their energy field Esther by Helena Nelson Reed

I went shopping on the market the other day, and was suddenly greeted by the full beam smile and a big hug from my massage therapist. Then she told me that her dog Dillon was completely changed the day after the healing I gave him. He is back to his old playful self and totally transformed. I had almost forgotten about the incident. I went for a massage about 4 weeks ago, when my therapist told me that she had been spending a fortune with the local vet. They have undertaken every test imaginable and still could not find a reason why he could not keep his food down and was getting thinner and thinner, they were fearing the worst for him, I offered to give him a quick healing after the massage. When I connected with the dog, I could not detect any sparkof life in there, as if he had given up the will to live. I also could not sense any physical ailment, so I asked the divas and angel helpers to come and support me to give him the healing that he needed.


The Placebo Effect

Energy healing - healing animals, without a doubt disproving the placebo effect.Rhiannon with dove by Helena Nelson Reed

Many times sceptics of the power of Energy Healing will argue about the placebo effect, or the influence that religion or belief systems have on the psyche of the patient. It is often claimed that these healings are not real, and are just in the mind and many other negative or disparaging opinions can be heard. I don’t want to spend much time in even discussing these.
Animals do not have a belief system, animals are not open to the power of persuasion, animals can not be deceived or manipulated. But animals can be healed. These wonderful healings that happen within the animal kingdom are proof alone of the effectiveness of the power of energy healing. Some people need to use labels and call it either alternative therapy or complementary therapy, whatever label feels comfortable to use, will have to do until we find a new and better way of naming this form of healing.

To date I have been successfully healing horses, cats and dogs, but as every day brings new surprises, I do not rule out the ability to heal any other type of animal as well.
Although the chakras in the animals are located along the same axis of the spine as in humans, there are some different ways of accessing these power points with each animal.

By tuning into the needs of the animal, and sometimes by connecting to their higher spirit and asking for guidance, each healing has been beneficial.


Distance Healing for Animals

Protecting Angel by Helena Nelson Reed

Some of the healings on animals have been by direct hands-on contact and some of these healings have been on animals living many miles away and have been conducted with the same principles as the Long Distance Healings for humans.

To help me in establishing a strong connection it can be helpful to have a shaving of fur, or clipping sent to me in advance. Sometimes just a picture alone is enough to get a clear and strong connection to the etheric body of the animal.

I also found that it is possible to connect with the spirit of recently departed animals and visiting them on the other side, to make sure that their transition has been complete and communicate with their higher spirits and relay last messages to their owners or carers.

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