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Intuitive Massage

Intuitive tantra massage activates and distributes the sexual life force energy throughout the body     From an early age on Ros has been massaging friends and  family for the joy and pleasure of it. Over the last 25 years she has accumulated a vast store of knowledge and experience, training and attending special workshops throughout this time. Finally deciding to make the hobby a profession she trained with Denise Whichello Brown, author of many books on the subject of various modalities of body work and attained her ITEC qualifications in the UK in 2003.

Drawing on her intuitive gifts to connect with the energetic body of her clients she has developed her own unique style of holistic intuitive massage, sensing into the emotional blockages which manifest in the tightening of the muscles of the physical body. Combining various techniques and her healing abilities with a generous sprinkling of understanding and compassion, the result is much more than any of the individual parts. The synergy of energetic healing and active bodywork is a deeply nourishing and rejuvenating journey of the senses.


Releasing Cell Memory in Intuitive tantra massage restores confidence and sexual capacityLet yourself be taken on an extraordinary exploration deep within the individual cells of your body. Experience the calming and nurturing effect of the warm, gentle and confident touch of her hands on your body.
Let yourself float into complete relaxation and the innate knowledge that you are held in a very safe space allow yourself to transcend back into a deep tranquil state of self reflection and reconnection to your essence.

Come and indulge, feel relaxed and truly shifted. Find yourself drifting into bliss in the calm atmosphere of gentle soothing ambient music, combined with the nourishing smell of healing oils and flowers, whilst specially selected crystals maintain a positive energy field within the room. Let the stress of life and existence be gently released from the muscles of your body and feel truly nourished and revitalised, ready to enjoy the here and now with increased capacity of a fully oxygenated and invigorated body.

Massage for Pain Relief:

Indian Headmassage releases stress and headaches, restores balance, calm and lifts depressionMassage plays an important role in the control of pain brought about by the release of endorphins into the body, complementing the treatments of orthodox medicine and reducing the amount of drugs administered.
The released endorphins from the brain counteract the stress hormones and make us feel good, the mood is elevated, anxiety and depression lifts and we are feeling uplifted and full of confidence.

Most common pain, like headaches, muscle aches and joint pain, is a warning – a protective response to muscle overuse or trauma. Pain is telling you that something in wrong and needs attention. It’s not good medicine to kill the messenger and ignore the message. When pain is seen in its true role as the messenger and not the affliction itself, treatment can be directed to the cause of pain.

The holistic approach:

holistic intuitive massage balances the energetic levels and releases cell memory and energetic blockages, restoring physical and emotional balanceThe body is a dynamic interconnected energy being. It is much more than just the physical body; it contains the energetic and the emotional body as well. See Multidimensional Anatomy for a more comprehensive treatment of this subject. Disease and pain occur on many of these levels and as such healing and relief also is affected on all of these levels simultaneously.
The effect of repressed emotions and trauma are often expressed by the body in the form of physical pain.
As a holistic practitioner, many aspect of the human experience are incorporated and considered when embarking on a treatment plan. The combination and amalgamation of many years of experience in bodywork, deep knowledge of psychology and the gift of intuition combine to a very special approach to physical and emotional wellbeing.


Evolution of Modalities


Swedish Massage:

Swedish Massage benefits the whole body calming the nervous system and reducing aches and pain and discomfort Traditional Swedish massage is extremely beneficial for releasing tension and stress and essential to the promotion and maintenance of good health. It has enormous therapeutic effect, both physiological and psychological on all systems of the body. The benefit to the nervous system is through the calming effect of the continuous long strokes that slow down the brain waves and induce a feeling of calm and relaxation, which may alleviate all types of headaches. Neck, shoulder and back pain will be reduced and the discomforts of arthritis and rheumatism suffered by so many can be relieved. It stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps to eliminate toxins and poisons, supporting the body in cleansing and purifying our body more effectively. It also activated the circulatory and the immune system, improves the digestive system and bowel problems and constipation subside. The respiratory system benefits as breathing and bronchial disorders are improved.




Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep Tissue Massage releases Cell Memory of traumtic events and frees the body and the mind of negative imprints. Deeply moving and effective massage for transformation into whole and balanced wellbeing.Each muscles group receives isolated attention with deep tissue massage, which helps to lengthen and relax the muscles at their insertion points and at the belly of the muscle. Deep work does not necessarily mean harder work and painful manipulation; instead it is a slow process of sculpting each muscle, as the therapist sinks slowly into the deeper layers of the muscles with tactile sensitivity and intuitive subtle touch. It is often combined with Myofascial Release, which stretches the fascia, the substance which encases all muscles, tendons and bones, which can get sticky and inflexible, adhering muscles to each other and to bone.

The experience of a deep tissue massage can be very intense and highly effective. For some people, especially if they have never had any deep body work done, this can also be an emotional experience, as old tissue and cell memory is released. Ros holds a nurturing space for the client to let these memories and emotions come out, it is part of the healing process.

Deep Tissue Massage allows the body to be sculpted into new correct positioning and posture, but more than one session is often needed to achieve this.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point therapy is the referred pain which originates in different parts of the body, is highly effective in treating chronic conditions as it beaks into the neurological feedback loop which contracts the muscles.A trigger point is a small contraction knot in muscles tissue, which feels a bit like a pea or other solid body within the muscle. It keeps the muscle contracted, tight and weak. This constant tension restricts circulation and often producing symptoms in adjacent joints. Trigger points almost always send their pain elsewhere in the body so that the origin of the pain is located some distance from the area in which the pain is experienced. This is called referred pain.
Most problems can be eliminated within a short series of treatments even long-standing chronic conditions can be cleared up within weeks of treatment. Trigger point therapy breaks into the chemical and neurological feedback loop that maintains the muscle contraction, it increases circulation that has been restricted by the contracted tissue and it directly stretches the knotted muscle fibres.

Lymph Drainage Massage (LDM)

Lymph Drainage Massage for complete physical realxation and emotional release, effective treatment for cellulite and oedema moving stagnating lymph after injuries and operations.Lymph oedema is a serious condition whereby the natural flow of the interstitial fluid (lymph) has stagnated and is pooling in the arms or legs. The reasons for this can be varied ranging from surgery, injuries through accidents, stagnating unhealthy lifestyles, emotional conditions like depression, stress etc. The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and the slow and gentle strokes that activate the flow of the lymph also activate the immune system which has a very beneficial effect on overall health and recovery from any serious illness. It activates the body-mind awareness and leads to complete physical relaxation and emotional release.

Lymph Drainage Massage also has very beneficial effects on the cellulite with continued application and lifestyle analysis this condition can be vastly improved. LDM helps the body to expel toxins and removes the disturbances of bioenergy which are the basis for degenerative disease. The benefits are manifold and often truly life transforming.


Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is ecxellent for releiving pain and muscle stiffness  of the upper body, calms the mind and relieves stressThe traditional art of Indian head massage is based on the ancient system of medicine known as Ayurveda, which has been practiced in India for thousands of years. It has evolved from a technique which has been practiced by families all over India as part of their everyday life, into a comprehensive therapy which includes the neck and shoulders, upper back and arms as well as the head. It can be performed with the receiver in a sitting position and fully clothed. A full treatment lasts from 20 minutes to half an hour and is probably the most incredible quick fix and pick you up ever.
The physiological benefits of an Indian head massage are felt in every part of the physical body and it activates all the mayor body systems. It is excellent for relieving pain and stiffness in the muscles of the upper body and removal of waste products through activation of the lymphatic system.
The psychological benefits of an Indian head massage are manifold and relief tension and stress as it calms the mind and helps to reduce sleeping problems, some recipients even fall asleep during treatment!
Repressed feelings and tension can build up in the body. Feelings of hopelessness and despair and low self-esteem can collect and individuals become depressed and tearful. Indian head massage helps to release all of these emotional disturbances, so that you feel calmer and able to cope with the pressures of everyday life. It improves concentration through increased supply of oxygen to the brain, which leads to more clarity of thought and the freer flow of creative ideas.


Aromatherapy Massage , essential oils vastly enhances the effect of ordinary massage by working directly on the emotional and physical level.Essential oils have been used in the treatment of the human body since ancient times. The concentrated essence of medicinal plants affects our olfactory organs in relaying the scent to the receptors in the brain which has a profoundly psychoactive effect. Bringing about relaxation and calm to a restless and troubled mind.
Our skin is the largest organ of the body and has the ability to absorb the active parts of the essential oils, instantly transporting them through the body to the receptors through the body and the brain. The effects of essential oils can be soothing and calming to the system whilst others also have an invigorating and uplifting effect. In fact the cornucopia of different properties of the many plants available is truly astonishing and fascinating.
The use of essential oils can vastly enhance the therapeutic effect of any massage and will be tailored to the requirements of each individual.
Although they will only be incorporated into any of the massages, if they are specifically requested by the client.





Tantra Massage is an intuitive massage that activates and tranforms the sexual energy throughout the body leading to improved sexual enjoyment and spiritual awakening with the activation of the kundalini energy.


You might like to visit my new website ananda-tantra for more in depth information.


Tantric Massage

In Sanskrit the ancient religious and classical literary language of India, the word Tantra can be likened to such concepts as “capacity for expansion” and “that which goes on expanding”.  Tantra is the "expansive", all encompassing Reality revealed by immutable wisdom. As such it stands for "continuum", the seamless whole that comprises both transcendence and immanence, Reality and reality, Being and becoming, Consciousness and mental consciousness, Infinity and finitude, Spirit and matter. The tantric concept of Oneness or non-duality is reflected in many other later teachings like the Vedanta and Buddhist teachings.

My journey into Tantra began with my initiation at the age of 16 through a personal master, this included a spiritual transmission process and many years of personal practice, long before I ever heard or read about Tantra. Later on my teachers were Terrie George at the School of Energy Healing, personal tuition with Martin and Maria at Alegraluz in Marbella, Spain and workshops with Daniel Odier in Switzerland.

Sexual energy is the source of our aliveness. A tantric massage expands our capacity for sensual pleasure by freeing our creativity which is located around the sacral chakra. A tantric massage activates our sexual energy and distributes it throughout the body rather than have it just concentrated in the hip basin or genital area.

A tantric massage can be truly transformational in the way in which we reach a new level of orgasmic existence, attaining a fresh new way of relating to our body and to others, vastly improving existing relationships and enabling us to make new connections, as it opens the heart connections between us and the universe. We feel truly alive and experience the sexual fire at the core of your being.

Tantra Massage by experienced tantrix and spiritual guide leads into an expanded orgasmic state or the full body orgasm. Tantric massage is a full-body experience in the full and literal sense of the word. Much attention is given to the balancing of the 7 energy centers known as chakras and the release of energy blockages in the meridians which conduct the life force energy often referred to as Chi. Once the Chi channels have been opened, a free flow of the sexual energy is then directed and distributed throughout the body with the sensuous and gentle strokes of the giver.

In the expanded orgasmic state, the release through an orgasm is channelled throughout the whole of the body. This is often a totally new experience for men, as the full body orgasm is not the same as ejaculation. With practice it is possible for a man to experience the full body orgasm (very much the same as the female orgasm) without the need to ejaculate at the same time.

Tantra Massage is a way of honouring the god and goddess with you, restoring sexual function and experiencing fully orgasmic states in daily life.Tantra is a way of honouring and combining the dynamic male and the receptive female energies within each person. Each massage is entered into in the spirit of love and harmony with each other and with the universal energy force. The aim is to expand the capacity for wholeness and illuminating the essence of our core being.

Many distorted perceptions exist about Tantra because it works with the sexual energy. There is nothing pornographic about the giving or receiving of a tantric massage. We create sacred space and honour the divine in each other in the meeting of the male and the female energies. If practiced in the safe harbour of an existing relationship, it will deepen the connection between the partners and enrich their lives beyond measure.

A tantric massage enables male and female energies to be balanced within the individual, connecting to source of our creativity and experiencing full orgasmic kundalini energy.Receiving a tantric massage from an experienced tantrika can help to release sexual blockages and traumas and free up the ability of the person to experience all aspects of life deeper and fuller, being more in the now and maintaining this state of bliss for extended periods of time.

Our mind is the most powerful sexual organ. As long as the mind is actively operating on the top-level of our awareness, it will manipulate and distort. It is our mind which will re-enact past traumas, our mind which will re-connect with past events and like an infinity loop keep us trapped in the cell memory of the past. Our mind is also responsible for not being able to fully experience this very moment, this instant of the NOW because it will project into the future, we worry about what will happen when…, wait for the “perfect moment”, the perfect event when everything is just as we imagined it to be. This prevents us from fully connecting and fully experiencing the magic of this very second of our existence.

Most traditional massage techniques follow a predictable pattern. Our mind/ brain is working on predicting what will happen next. Many experiments have shown this function of the rational mind, be it in its ability to recognise full words when only a fraction of the letters are presented or  its inability to see unexpected patterns ( Columbus and the Indians not seeing the ships on the horizon) and other such fascinating research. The brain will continually predict what will happen next, and with traditional holistic massage, the brain is able to do just this.

Tantra massage contains an element of spontaneity, a certain unpredictability, so that even the giver of the massage does not know where the next move will take it. The brain/mind of the receiver of the tantric massage will continue to try to predict the continuation of the movement. After only a short space of time, all its attempts to predict and anticipate where the sensation will continue to are not correct and then the brain/mind will fight this lack of predictability, but only for a very short time, after this something wonderful happens, the brain/mind gives up, it surrenders and goes into a state of far deeper relaxation than any other conventional massage technique will take you. It is in this state of deeper brainwave pattern where the deep healing work of the Tantra massage takes place.

It has proven especially helpful with the following conditions :

Premature Ejaculation – learning how to control the internal flow of energy with breath-work and extended awareness helps to reprogram the body to focus on the joy and bliss of the moment.

Erectile Dysfunction – In a state of deep relaxation and feelings of oneness the mechanisms which have previously hijacked the emotions into a state of stress and re-enacting previous experiences can be reprogrammed and reawakened.

Frigidity – or inability to orgasm - This is the female way of expressing the overload of expectations, responsibilities and disconnection from her creative power.

Lack of passion in a relationship – as long as we make our partner responsible for our sexual experience, we live in a world of blame and retribution. True intimacy blossoms out of taking responsibility back and dealing with our own issues, opening up channels for living in authentic truth and unconditional love. A liberation into true ecstatic being.

Tantra Massage for Couples:

Creating a safe and sacred space to reconnect with each other. A truly magical experience for couples to expand within the spirit of pure undiluted love from the source. In the comfort of your own home find new ways of deepening intimacy – into – me – see, learning to respond to each other on the energetic level, building trust and honouring each other.

This session is specifically tailored to your individual needs with the intention to experience ONE-ness with each other and with the universal consciousness; teaching you how to share pure bliss and ecstasy in the spirit of generosity and expansion with each other.

Has the stress of everyday life created a loop of distance and are the shared moments losing the intensity and vibrancy of the time when you first fell in love with each other? Perhaps now is the right time to surprise yourself and discover the true lover within you and within your partner. 

The 4 hour session will take you both on a journey of self discovery, finding new ways of relating to each other into an expanded shining light body, awakening the power of your Kundalini to energize each single cell in your body.


A tantric massage enables male and female energies to be balanced within the individual, it connects us to the source of our creativity in every aspect of our lives. It lets us drop to a deeper level of experiencing every aspect of our lives. Below is an excerpt from the book " Tantric Sex" by Sarita and Geho. Enjoy!

                                              Receiving a tantric massage from an experienced tantrix can help to release sexual inhibitions and traumas enabling a deeper and more fullfilling experience of all aspects of life. Available in Andalusia, Spain, UK and Germany


Sensual Awakening by Sarita
When we are flowing and alive in our sensuality, the whole world appears luminous and we have a smile on our lips for the people we meet. We move into a space of overflowing energy. Energy, by its very nature is delight. You may have had the experience of having had a really superb night of sex with a lover, and then becoming aware, of how the next day, you are as if floating on air. Your steps become buoyant, you feel abundant and generous, you want to kiss the world. The whole of nature appears to be sparkling and even normally mundane jobs become light and playful.
The fact that this happens at all simply proves that this state of being, this natural high, is available. Being naturally high is part of the body’s resources, which can be accessed at any time. This ‘high’ gets woken up by good sex, but is not dependent on sex in order to happen. Another example of this overflowing state of being is with children. Children, when very young are magnetically attractive, simply because they are on a natural high, in tune with existence and floating in a sea of love.
Still another example is that of animals. When you look into the eyes of a cat or dog you may see the quality of joy or peace, which awakens the same quality in you. Pets can teach us how to enter into a relaxed and easy state of being. As individuals, we can learn how to awaken our dormant sensual aliveness so that it becomes a constant bubbling up of joy and fulfillment. We can become orgasmic and in love with life on an ongoing basis. The way to activate this is to allow ourselves to be really sensual. Let orgasmic, sexual energy spread all over the body, and into each action of life. When watering the garden, become one with it. Dance with the trees swaying in the breeze. Become the warmth of the sun kissing the flowers. Become the bee, drinking nectar. Become the butterfly. Savour the smell of the rich earth. Fall in tune with all of nature and dance with it. When taking food, bring awareness to it. Sense the origin of this food. Feel the journey it has taken to reach your plate. Taste each bite. Sense how it moves into your body and how it is being digested and absorbed. Listen to your body as the food is taken in. Is your body happy and delighted with your choice or miserable? In this way we learn to love and respect the tremendous harmony of body functions and to treat the body with the utmost care. Your body will return this caring attitude by reverberating with pleasure, like a cat purring in the sun. When sitting silently anywhere, for example on a beach, or on a bus, just bring awareness to your breath. Let the breath activate pleasure all over the body. In a natural flowing state the simple act of breathing brings a constant inner massage which is very pleasurable. Breath is life, so within it is contained all the secrets of how to be fully vibrant, ecstatic.
We were born to dance. The body loves joyous exercise. The lymph flow in the body cannot move unless it is activated by physical activity. The best forms of physical activity are those which bring a lot of pleasure, such as walking in nature, swimming in the sea, dancing etc. Freeform dance is an easily accessible way to free inhibitions, open the flow of vital energy and enter into inner ecstasy. Give yourself the gift of joyous exercise and you will soon find that you are naturally orgasmic a great deal of the time.
Touch is an essential ingredient in the awakening of sensual pleasure. The skin is an organ in itself, and how you treat it will have a great impact on how you experience the world. Hugging and cuddling is one of the best ways to activate pleasure and well being. People can learn to hug more as a natural form of greeting others. The art of hugging is to really feel and be present with the person you are with. Breathe together for a few moments and really allow your whole body to be in contact with the other. People are very afraid of hugging because in many cultures it has sexual connotations. However, this is an attitude, which can easily change. It is actually a very natural and deeply needed expression in all phases of life.
The quality contained in orgasm, which is an ecstatic let go into a space beyond time and mind can be applied to everyday life as well. When you laugh a great belly laugh, it has an orgasmic quality in it. This totality of expression can be brought into many areas. Just try drinking a cup of tea in an orgasmic way. Dance naked under the full moon, making love with the moon and stars. Experiment with bringing that quality of celebrative and total let go into all kinds of areas of your life and discover how the world mirrors it back to you. For it is how you as an individual are inside, that is reflected back to you from the outside.
Sensitivity means both your response to stimulation of the senses, and a heightened awareness of yourself and others in personal relationships. When your sensitivity is awakened, your experience of life is enhanced in all dimensions. Through your senses you see, hear, feel, smell, and taste the world around you. And also through your senses you can enter into a subjective experience of happiness and orgasmic pleasure. If your senses become dull, you are more likely to become sad and depressed. As you enhance your sensitivity, you discover spontaneous delight, your inner and outer world sparkle with aliveness.
Each sense organ functions like a swing door. In one direction it opens to physical pleasure or pain, while in the other, it opens to an expansion of the soul and spiritual awareness. The more you expand your sensory awareness, the greater is your spiritual awakening.
In love play with or without your partner, focusing on the different senses can expand your capacity for sensual awakening, both physical and spiritual. In this way you enhance your total life experience to its maximum potential. Each sense can give pain or pleasure. Many people deaden their senses in response to traumatic experiences or conditioning that inspire fear of being truly alive.
The message from the body and soul is: Fulfilment is possible if we are willing to open up and expand our sensitivity on all levels. Our natural state of being is bliss. Allowing an expansion of sensory awareness will lead you slowly but surely toward a life where even a simple act such as breathing becomes ecstatic.
Excerpt from Sarita and Geho's book "Tantric Sex" Published by Gaia.



Benefits of Massage

Touch is the most fundamental human need and intuitive massage releases energy blockages and restores balance and give a deep feeling of connectedness with the world and the people in our lives.To touch and to be touched is a fundamental instinctive need in all of us whatever our age. Rocked and nourished in the mother’s womb the unborn child is wrapped in a constant embrace, and for the rest of our lives we seek to recreate that closeness and warmth. Touch has a profound influence in the development of the child, and children who grow up in families where they are deprived of close physical contact are generally less healthy, less able to withstand pain and infection, less confident, less happy.
Touch means security and comfort and massage is merely an extended form of touch for which there is no substitute. We often spend much of our attention in the intellectual realms not paying attenttion when we eat or walk, and lose that vital connection to our body, which leaves us ungrounded and constantly lacking vitality and energy. The effects of a gentle massage are so much more than the once listed below.

Psychological Benefits

Intuitive massage effects psychological equilibrium and harmony, restoring balance and gets the energy flowing past previous blockages and stagantions, raises energy levels and brings clarity of mind.Gentle massage promotes the release of endorphins which counteract the stress hormones and induce a feeling of deep relaxation and happiness. The mood of the person is elevated, which lifts feelings of anxiety and lifts depression which returns feelings of confidence and optimism.

As the subtle bodies of the energy body are automatically balanced, the 7 energy centers known as chakras are unblocked and brought back into harmony with each other. This has the effect of a tuning fork, as each center comes into balance it transmits the new frequency of balance and influences the return to its natural state of the adjoining energy centers.

As the energy starts flowing through the body without encountering all the previous blockages and stagnations, the result is raised energy levels and more clarity of mind, improved concentration and flowing of creativity.

During a massage a deep sense of peace and tranquillity is experienced which often leads to the recipient drifting off into the state of total relaxation and near sleep. This can open up doors to much creativity and free flow of original ideas and creative problem solving.

Physiological Benefits

Intuitive Massage in Andalusia brings blance and harmony helping recovery from major illnesses and operations, a natural form of pain relief, effective treatment for cellulite and oedema, reduces the effects of ageingMassage helps to balance all the mayor systems of the body. The effects are often deep reaching and a wonderful way to support the natural healing process of the body. Many physicians recommend the use of massages as part of the recovery process from many serious disease, operations, accidental injuries, as part of a natural pain control and to keep the body fit and subtle to reduce the effects of aging.


Circulatory System:

Massage improves the blood supply to every part of the body, stimulating circulation and the distribution of fresh blood supplies carrying vital nutrients and oxygen to every cell of the body. It also facilitates in the removal of toxins and waste products from the blood via the veins. As the tissues are nourished, healing is a natural response to the increased supply of nutrients.

Massage can also bee beneficial for cardiac problems when administered in a soft and gentle fashion, as it calms the system inducing feelings of deep relaxation as it lowers blood pressure and strengthens the heart. High blood pressure is often found in tandem with feelings of anxiety, worry, stress and fears. Gentle massage is releases endorphins which reduce these underlying states of anxiety.

Varicose veins will also respond positively to massage. This condition which occurs when the valves in the veins are faulty and unable to keep the blood from flowing backwards in many books is regarded as a contraindication (should not be treated with massage), but very gentle and careful strokes can benefit the circulatory system enormously, especially if also combined with the use of essential oils which encourage the blood vessels to contract.


Lymphatic System:
The lymphatic system carries the interstitial fluid that is distributed within and around every living cell of the body and filters it back into the blood circulatory system. In this process it carries and filters toxins and waste products which are too big to be transported directly in the cardiovascular system. It is located very close to the surface of the skin and activated through the muscular activity. Gentle massage will encourage the flow of the lymphatic system, which connects directly to immune system generating more white blood cells enabling us to fight off infections and recover more rapidly from illness. As our immunity to disease is strengthened, we become far less susceptible to colds and coughs and other illnesses.

Muscular System:
Massage is an excellent therapy for relieving pain and stiffness from any part of the human body. Muscles that are tense and contracted are not relaxed, causing many physical complaints from headaches to stiffness and loss of mobility. The massage movements stretch and separate the muscle fibres so that muscles able to relax as well as function to their fullest capacity as knots and nodules are broken down.
Waste products such as lactic acid that may accumulate particularly after exercise causing stiffness and muscle fatigue are removed more effectively. This relieves pain and stiffness in the muscles.

Skeletal System:
Muscles attach directly to the skeletal frame. Tension that is carried within the muscles translates into tension and affects the skeletal frame. Massage eases the tension and stiffness in the muscles which then release the tension exerted and affecting joints and improving the range of movements. Stiffness and pain arising from skeletal conditions such as arthritis are reduced providing ease of movement.
Osteo-arthritis is a degenerative joint disease and often considered to be part of the ageing process. It is vital to keep the joints as mobile as possible and massage is ideal for this purpose.
Rheumatoid arthritis can affect any and every joint in the body and is a particularly painful and debilitating condition. It is an auto-immune response where the body attacks itself. Massage is too painful whilst the joint is inflamed, but once the inflammation has subsided, massage can be applied. Great comfort and pain relief can result from gentle stretching of the fingers and toes and mobilising the affected joints.

Massage improves the circulation to the skin, promoting a healthy and glowing complexion. The shedding of dead skin cells (desquamation) is encouraged so that fresh new cells are exposed giving the skin a healthier appearance. The sebaceous and sweat glands are stimulated improving their function and ensuring that waste products are more efficiently eliminated through the pores. Sebum helps to keep the skin soft and supple, and the sweat glands unblock any clogged pres and remove toxins. This also affects the condition called cellulite, by encouraging circulation it breaks down fatty deposit in the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Digestive System:
Many digestive problems often originate from stresses manifesting themselves in the form of indigestion, heartburn, obesity, constipation, diarrhoea etc. Since massage relieves tension it is obviously having a very beneficial effect on the digestive system. Abdominal massage is a very effective way of relieving constipation.

Genito-urinary System:
Massage improves the circulation which improves the fluid retention or oedema which is commonly experience by the elderly, especially in the ankles and wrists. This can be due to a reduced efficiency of the kidneys, not being able to work as effectively as before.
Menstrual cramps and discomfort during the menstrual cycle can be vastly alleviated through gentle massage of the lower back and the abdomen especially when combined with the soothing properties of essential oils. A full body massage once a month shortly before the menstrual cycle can completely alleviate the effects of PMT.

Respiratory System:
All respiratory problems from simple cough and colds to chronic bronchial conditions will improve with regular use of massage. The state of deep relaxation which occurs as a result of the treatment allows the breathing to slow down and to deepen. This is important since emotional factors and stress always worsens bronchial problems.
Those with respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis do not usually breathe properly and engage in shallow chest breathing. The gasp their way through life forcing themselves to survive on shallower and shallower breaths. Massages encourage the recipient to relax and breathe more deeply from the abdominal region. Together with targeted breathing exercises it can bring about vast improvements to these conditions.

Neurological System:
Headaches and migraines.
Virtually all headaches originate from tension in the neck and shoulders. Regular neck massage, paying particular attention to the base of the skull will reduce the number of headaches occurring and may even eradicate them completely.
Many of us suffer from insomnia at some times during our lives. It is usually stress related but can also have other causes such as eating too much before going to sleep. Regular weekly massages can help to de-stress the body and induce the gentle feelings of comfort and relaxations which help along the way to a good night's sleep, restoring our capacity to deal with the ups and downs of everyday life. We may not be able to control all the events in our environment, but we can chose how we react and how we either hold on to stress or how we can let it go.


A Typical Session

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