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Meet the Team

Ros Russnak BA (hons), ITEC, DSEH


Ros has a deep sense of empathy with the people she meets. For many years she has trained in different aspects of massage from the traditional Swedish massage, Lymph Drainage and Indian Head massage to Tantra massage and Aromatherapy. When she connects intuitively with her clients, her hands instinctively find the right places and take them on a journey to total bliss and healing at the most fundamental and deepest levels.

She has also been a shamanic practitioner for many years, initially journeying for her own personal growth and then training with some outstanding shamans in the UK to develop the ability to journey to the expanded world of consciousness and affect deep healing and retrieve the lost soul parts and power objects on behalf of others. Her ability to connect and communicate with the spirit world has enriched the lives of many of her clients is bringing peace to many troubled souls.

She is a shining reflection of the light within her soul, and after training for 3 years at the School of Energy Healing, she has emerged as an accomplished healer, experienced in many different modalities and aspects of supporting her clients on their road to finding freedom from illness and letting go of the things that bind them.
Her commitment to healing from within has been put to the test when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The healing of the cancer has led her to explore in depth the avenues that make us ill and the emotions that keep us there. Her insights and experiences with healing the cancer entirely with alternative therapies have given her the passion to guide and support others along their road of healing and self-discovery and she is a glowing example of radiant positive energy.


Alison Thompson


Alison is a heart centered Energy Healer who’s passion is to bring the work we do to as many people as possible so they can take back responsibility for their own lives and know that they can truly be in control of their own destinies. Alison has an empathic nature and a real joy for living. Having had 15 years in Supply Chain Management in large multinational Benchmarking Companies Alison has now followed her heart and is the founder of Hand on Heart Healing. Through her studies with the School of Energy Healing Alison has learned that she can live her life free from fear and enjoys the full spectrum of experience that life has to offer her. She wants to share with people the sheer joy of living a life free from fear and thus to allow them to realise all that they truly are.
Alison has 15 years experience of working with energies, starting with Martial arts, mainly Zen Kyo Shin (Mind body and spirit) Taijitsu. On becoming aware that she had a natural ability to work with energy Alison realised that the energy in her hands could be used to help people in pain. After that Alison felt a real calling to become a healer, although back then she did not really understand what that meant. Alison started with Reiki and then joined the School of Energy healing on the Professional training. She is now in teacher training with the school. She has also studied Spirit Release with the Hickman Academy and likes working with Crystals. It is her dream that people are encouraged to have real choice in how they approach their illnesses rather than give up their control to being processed by the system. Alison currently practices in Clinics in Berkshire and Surrey as well as doing distance work. She works with individuals and also runs Meditation groups and a Stress Management Group. She loves 5 rhythm dancing and sailing!



Hilary Richards


Hilary trained for many years in different aspects of counselling. She holds various qualifications in counselling, stress management and psychotherapy. Hilary is a practising member of the British Institute of Counselling .
Through her years of experience she has received recognition both in the UK and Europe when working with people with both special needs and different needs.
Hilary is best described by other people as "A highly motivating person who by her empathetic and caring approach to individuals problems and needs gives her an innate ability to visualise, guide and develop them to their true self while realising their true potential "
Her speciality is NLP and Spiritual Life Coaching where she regularly runs workshops and courses on various subjects including Overcoming your Fears & Phobias ,Recognising Your Abundance, Discovering Your Heart's Desire, Healing Your Body &Spirit through four main steps releasing ,replacing ,restoring& recovery.
All her workshops contain the mediums of trust, love creativity learning play and fun.
Hilary has also been channelling Spiritual Healing since a child and is an Aromatherapist and Colour Therapist and has studied and worked with the Native American Indians for many years

Richard Cox

Amadis Cammell





El-Saltador (the jumper) is an old traditional farmhouse originally part of an old train-line which used to supply the mines deep in the mountains of the Sierra Almahilla. It was decommissioned in 1943 and between 2001 and 2003 has been sympathetically restored by its present owner.
It stands in its own grounds of 55 hectares, only a few miles from the village of Lucainena de las Torres. The views are 360 Degrees of unspoilt countryside, mountains, valleys and vegetation.

Only 35 minutes drive from Almeria airport and a few kilometres from unspoilt beaches, close to the only desert in Europe and the caves of the natural park of the Cabo de Gata.

The Rooms

The double guestrooms lead off a spacious and light open courtyard with water trough and central mandala. The main house contains kitchen, library, dining room, lounge with fireplace, seminar room and several outdoor eating spaces. As well as a dedicated training room, which is 200 yards from the main building. This recently completed project has a wonderful healing energy, as it is built on a very strong earth energy line, and the windows filter in coloured light.
On the other side of the valley a solar installation collects the powerful rays of the sun, and feeds an under floor heating system to ensure that even the coldest nights will be comfortable.

The bedrooms are for 2 people sharing with single beds, and most of the bathrooms are decorated in authentic traditional Moroccan style and materials.


We also have one room which can be used as dormitory for 4-6 people sharing.

The house has its own original charm and healing power, starting with the use of celanite chippings for the drive, which makes the whole walkways twinkle like mirrors in the sun, surrounding the whole house with the magic of the feminine energies of this chrystal; or the use of untreated timbers revealing their natural beauty in every part of the house. It also has its own well, supplying fresh clear water directly from the store cupboard of mother earth.

For more pictures and information log on to:



Dates for Anam Cara Empowerment Retreats


December - 8-17 inclusive


January - 7 – 16 inclusive

February - 8 – 17 inclusive

April - 12 – 21 inclusive

May - 16 – 25 inclusive


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