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Terms and Conditions

HealingYou does not make any claims that it can heal your cancer.

Participation at the Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat does not guarantee that it will cure cancer or any other life threatening diseases. The responsibility for the recovery and the healing path chosen will reside with the individual and not with the teachers.

We rely on you to supply us with all the relevant information regarding your physical and emotional state of health. Withholding important information could lead to misjudgements so we encourage you to be as truthful as possible with the information you supply.

You agree to respect the privacy and confidenciality of every person on the course and that you will not discuss any personal information or details about any of your fellow participants to persons outside of this group.

You agree to abstain from taking recreational drugs or alcohol during your stay at the Anam Cara Empowerment Retreat.

We reserve the right to ask any person to leave the seminar should they behave inappropriately towards other participants or towards the staff.

Personal boundaries and sensibilities will be respected at all times.

The decision who can participate at the course resides with the teaching team, and we reserve the right to decline applications without the need to justify this decision.



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