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What is Shamanic Healing?

Shaman Image cave painting from Trois Freres FranceEvidence of the existence of the shaman reaches far back into ancient times. Most ancient cultures ever encountered, contain some form of mediator between the spirit world and the physical world. This mediator we call the shaman who can be of any cultural background and both male or female. He takes on the role of shaman, healer, sage and travels into the spirit world with the aid of his power animals and spirit guides, finds out what causes the disturbance or illness and brings back whatever is relevant for the healing of the client. This can be in the form of knowledge or power, medicine or parts of their lost souls.

In the ancient world energy was considered the living fabric of the universe, it is creation made manifest. Life was in harmony with these earth energies, which draws on the feminine principle pervading every living creature and plant expressing life on earth.
Disease is viewed as an imbalance of this harmony, creating physical or mental distortion or illness.

Methods of Shamanic Healing

Shaman Prairy Sphinx - Connecting the feminine energy through expanded consciousness of the shaman to heal my breast cancerThe way of the shaman is passed down from one master to his pupil by personal teaching and training. Although in recent years anthropologists and shamans have started to pass their knowledge on in written format. The shaman enters into a state of expanded consciousness in order to communicate with spirit and to travel into the realm of spirit world. There are many different ways in which individual cultures have developed access to the spirit world. They range from fasting or endurance like sleep deprivation to dancing like the sundance or ingesting special plant medicine which open up the gates of perception in the brain of the shaman. Some of these are plant medicines like peyote and ayahuasca from the South Americas, fly agarics and other mushrooms in Europe. The list is astonishing. However, one of the most widely used methods is the drum beat, which helps to slow down the brainwave pattern and breathwork which has the same effect.
Each one of these methods of attaining access to expanded consciousness is highly effective and it is the choice of the individual shaman to choose which ever method works best for him/her. My personal preference is s to work with the drum and if this is not possible then I use breathing and grounding to enter into the state of expanded consciousness and access to my spirit guide and the spirit world.


Spirit World

Connecting to the Spirit World to activate our inner healing power for healing journey with shaman  spirit guideThe spirit world is beyond our limiting perception of space and time. In the spirit world which we could just as easily call NOW or infinity, everything that has ever happened and everything that ever will happen is still happening for the person in non linear time. And it will continue to exist there until a resolution or closure can be found. This is the very fundamental part of where healing at a very deep level occurs. This shamanic healing can be effected within the spirit world, or brought back into linear time to heal the client.


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Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Soul Loss

Soul Retrieval - Shamanic journey beyond space and time to reconnect with the inner power that has been lostFrom the moment of conception we are exposed to events that are outside of our control and which can have a very deep impact on our life. The many different kinds of trauma we experience in the course of our life journey are sometimes trials, which we can view as making us stronger to cope with life but at other times their impact is devastating. In fact there are times when the only way to ensure survival is when that injured part of us leaves the body and returns to the underworld, the region where it feels safer and where it will reside for eternity. This part of the soul is from then on missing, resulting in the loss of personal power and vitality.

To enable us to continue to function in this world often the conscious mind will also disengage from the memory of these events, and leave us with no conscious memory of them. At other times, remembering is so painful that we shut these memories out through addictions to numbing agents like drugs, alcohol, work, extreme sports, even sex, avid reading; or through compulsive behaviour. Anything as long as we are not left with time to think and to remember.

We tell ourselves that life is good, we make sure that we feel outwardly secure, but deep down inside something is missing. There are many variations to the different ways in which soul loss manifests itself, from feeling disconnected and having a scatterbrain, living in a fantasy world and waiting for some magic person, the typical prince in shining armour or guru to pull us out of the darkness into the light.

All experiences are subjective, and what for one person can be rationalised and explained and with time can heal itself, the very same experience for another person can be devastating with no resolution. However if these events take place during childhood, the ability to rationalise and explain things has not jet been developed. Events that in adulthood have only a small impact can be shattering during the early stages of development. The way in which the mind defends and protects the child is by creating a big wall around the wounding, isolating it from memory, which will remain inaccessible to normal western psychoanalytic techniques.

After being exposed to severe trauma like the loss of a loved one, accident, surgery, childhood abuse, difficult birth, early separation from the mother, emotional blackmail or drastic changes in the environment, typically a part of the life force goes away to help us cope with these extreme emotions. Sometimes after a while this life force will come back again for instance after a period of grieving, but at other times the soul part that has split away does not feel that it is safe enough for it to want to come back, or it can just forget how to return back to the body.


Soul Theft

Soul Theft - toxic realtionships drain off personal  power diminish self esteem which can be recovered with soul retrievalAnother form of soul loss is soul theft. This occurs when another person consistently sends negative or demanding emotions in the form of thought patterns to you. Soul theft might happen after the break up of a relationship or other kinds of rivalries often fuelled by strong emotions like jealousy or envy, need for revenge, unexpressed rage or suppressed hatred. It can also come from an unfulfilled neediness of the other person. This kind of soul theft can come in the form of transference from the mother to the child in order to compensate for her own soul loss. This can be in the form of claiming emotional commitments from the child and does not happen in a conscious or calculated way. Men tend to compensate for their soul loss more in the form of addiction to work or substances.
A co-depended relationship where each partner lays claim on the other is another manifestation of soul theft. Where neither partner is happy in the relationship, but unable to change or disconnect from this toxic relationship. These relationships are often viewed as problematic and heavily charged with conflicting feelings of dependency, duty, guilt, frustration, love and hate. These relationships often even extend beyond death, when one partner dies; the soul theft still continues and makes it impossible for the survivor to disengage.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval  - shaman journey into spirit world connecting with the lost soul and returning it to the person increases personal power and strength, self esteem, authentic happiness,healingWestern psychoanalytical approach tends to focus on the original trauma, whilst the shamanic soul retrieval concentrates on the return and integration of the lost life-force.
As much of the trauma is beyond the reach of the rational mind, it is not necessary for the shaman to know the life-story of the client.
In fact I prefer to work with just the name of the client, and if it is a long distance healing I also like to have a picture of the client to establish a strong energetic connection with the soul.
Whenever I undertake a soul retrieval journey into the spirit world on behalf of a client, I am guided by the threads of their life-story, and whatever thread comes up as the most prominent one, I follow and let it unravel the story and the pictures in front of me. It is like stepping inside a movie and observing the events that take place. I am trusting in spirit to lead me to the place that needs the most healing at this point in time.
When I have connected with the separated soul part, which can often be a young child, but sometimes it is also an adult part that has split off, I engage in a telepathic communication and ask if it is ready to come back into the person and reconnect. Mostly I have to reassure it and show it how much the circumstance have changed, or show it how much it has been missed and that it will be welcomed and taken care of.
If the soul-part is ready to return, sometimes I have to carry it, other times it just takes my hand in a trusting way and follows me. And on some occasions it just falls around my neck with a wonderful hug, and we return together in this embrace. On some very rare occasions I have come across soul parts that where not ready to return, which has to be accepted and honoured. Then I can ask my spirit guide for help, who might negotiate on my behalf, or sometimes even fight negative forces which want to keep holding on to the soul-part for their own purposes.

Upon the successful retrieval of the soul part it is important for the client to be fully aware of the possibility for some major shifts to occur. They can be in the form of releasing of feelings or the return of memories which can be uncomfortable or disturbing, as the returning soul-part also can bring with it the memory of the original trauma. It is important to give time and understanding to the following integration process. For this it is important to be able to talk about the experience. Therefore it may be necessary to extend the consultation time. I try to schedule the healings in such a way that it is possible to take as much time as the client needs to fully integrate the experience.
But that does by no means indicate that all shamanic soul retrievals have to be a traumatic experience. A vast number of soul retrievals are very nourishing and gentle integrations of the missing part. These soul retrievals may come more from episodes of misunderstanding or miss- interpretation of events from early childhood.


Soul Loss - the missing personal power and energy most people give up unintentionally, living life without participating in it, remaining an outsiderAlmost everyone suffers from some loss of their spiritual essence or soul and has the feeling of incompleteness and emptiness. Like some part of oneself is missing and feeling cut off from the deep connection with life and the joy of being alive.
This feeling or lack of feeling is often masked with entertainment, compulsive sex, drugs, addictions or compulsive behaviour of various kinds.
There are many causes for soul loss, the following is just a general list, which is merely a summary and touches the most often occurring reasons for soul loss.

Bereavement - When you feel also numbed & dead inside.

Operations - taking a long time to feel yourself again.

Separation - feeling like a part of you has been left behind.

Disconnection - Feeling fragmented, disconnected from life.

Childhood Trauma- Feeling abandoned (physical or sexual abuse)

Abusive Relationships - Feeling powerless to move away.

Chronic Depression- Lost the will to face the ups and downs of life

Observer Mode - not being in touch with your emotions.

Memory Gaps - above the age of 5, severe trauma causes zoning out.

Vitality - No sense of vitality, incompleteness

Trauma - incest, abuse, loss of a loved one, surgery, accident, illness, miscarriage, abortion, stress of combat, addiction.


If you answer YES to any of the following questions you may be suffering from some Soul Loss.

1 Do you ever have a difficult time staying present in your body? Do you sometimes feel as if you are outside your body observing it as if you where in a movie?

2 Do you ever feel numb, apathetic, or deadened?

3 Do you suffer from chronic depression?

4 Do you have problems with your immune system & are prone to illness.

5 Where you chronically ill as a child?

6 Do you have significant gaps in your memory after the age of 5?

7 Do you sense that you may have blacked out significant traumas in your life?

8 Do you struggle with addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, sex or gambling?

9 Do you find yourself looking to external things to fill up an internal void or emptiness?

10 Have you had difficulty moving on with your life after a divorce or the death of a loved one?

11 Do you suffer from multiple personality syndrome?


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Power Objects - Talismans - Power Stones

Shamanic Power Objects are infused with the gifts from the Spirit World which the Shaman brings back to support the healing processThere are times when we are encounter difficult situations or decisions in our life. Part of my work in the spirit world is also to connect with the power animal and spirit guides of the client and ask them for support and assistance on his behalf. If they are willing (they usually are) they will send a special gift of healing or power for the client. I draw this positive energy into me and when I return from the journey, breath it out into a rock and seal the energetic quality into this rock.
Then I will paint a pattern or design on to the rock which comes from the energetic imprint brought back from the journey to the spirit world and which transforms this into a power object, talisman a power stone, and send it to the client. This power stone, when placed in the proximity of the client will attract these positive energies like a spirit totem which the client can draw extra energy and personal power from at this time of his life. This journey can also be done by proxy for another person as a special gift, the present of a personal power stone or shamanic talisman for them.
I was taught this technique by my mentor Howard Charing from the Eagle’s Wing in the UK during my training with him.
Prices for this service vary, according to the time taken and postage costs etc. and are available on request.


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What is Psychopomp?

Psychopomp - shamanic journey into the realm of the departed souls to free attachments with the departed spiritsThe strange word Psychopomp comes from the Greek and literally means Guide of Souls or Soul Conductor.
This describes the action of a Shaman who accompanies the soul of a person who is dying on its transformation and journey back to its immortal spiritual home. Psychopomp also describes a shaman who has the ability to search for souls which have become lost or stuck in the limbo, the nomansland between levels of existence also called Bardo by the tibetans, and when he finds the lost souls, guides them out of the darkness into the light of the eternal source of the soul.

There are occasions when death occurs and finds the person unprepared (deep sleep, anaesthetics during operations or sudden accident for example) or when their spiritual beliefs prevent them from remembering where the home of their soul is.
Many people have the ability to communicate (seeing, talking, hearing) with spirits. However a Psychopomp is different in that he/she actually crosses over into the spirit world and seeks out the spirit of the departed who may be lost or trapped for whatever reason and assist, help and guide them to the eternal home of their soul. The Tibetans call this land Bardo, where the lost souls are waiting in a kind of no-mans land, a world between the levels of existence between the physical and the non physical.


Release of Earthbound Spirits

Release of Earthbound Spirits can bring new vitality  into life and activate the healing process, remove addictions and obsessive behaviourThe soul of the person that has died may stay close to the physical body of a relative or close friend or close to their home because they do not know where else to go. They find themselves still bound to the earth, to the places that were familiar during their lifetime. Typical signs for this are problems with bereavement, extended periods or inability to grieve, addiction to drugs, or constant visitations in dreams etc by the departed. Not being able to let go and get on with life after the loss.



Shamanic Healing frees the energy body of negative attachments and brings back personal power which has been lost through the traumans of lifeThe journey into the limbo where these lost souls are stuck  and without awareness is full of danger and perils and should never be attempted by a novice. Great care has to be taken not to be detected by all the other lost souls or to get lost or stuck in this place. However, when the lost soul is located, it can be helped to move out of this place and shown the way back to the immortal part of the soul, to its spiritual home and transcend into the light.

Conscious Dying

Psychopomp the guide to conscious dying, a companion who guides the soul on its last journey to its immortal coreWhen the physical body approaches death, a Psychopomp will meet with the soul and accompany it on its natural journey back to its spiritual home. He/she will act as a guide and companion for a safe and smooth transition into the realm of the non-physical existence.

The moment of death has been shrouded in much mystery and can hold much fear and trepidation in many a person who finds himself unprepared for the final journey. the psychopomp can accompany this soul through this final transition, either by waiting for the transformation and greet it on the other side, to guide the soul, or by coming along with the soul step by step into the world beyond the physical existence.

Return to Consciousness

Some people who are in a Coma are still hanging on to physical life, but their spirit is leaving the body for quite extended periods, totally unaware of the time that is transpiring here on earth. Sometimes the spirit is getting lost or disorientated and cannot find its way back to their physical existence. By entering into the spirit world a Psychopomp can guide the lost spirit back into the body.


A Typical Session

Shamanic Healing has profound effect in the ability to heal from my cancer by returning to me the power which had bee taken a long time agoIt is not necessary for the client to tell me anything about any aspect of their life.
I will briefly outline the way in which I work, and after a smudging or brief cleansing session I then invite the client to lie down either on a mattress or on a blanket or rug. I will be lying down next beside the client, no physical contact is necessary.
In the background there will be some gentle drumming sounds, to guide me through the Shamanic Journey. During the journey I often dialogue with the client and let him know where I am and what I can see, and ask for his permission to proceed with the retrieval. When I return with the recovered soul part, I will gently blow this back into the body of the client and conduct an integration and sealing ceremony.

Afterwards there is time to discuss with the client, what I have seen and which aspect has been returned. And also give the client the opportunity to express what he felt or experienced, so that this can be fully processed and integrated.

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Shamanic Long Distance Healing

shamanic distance healing - journey to the spirit world to retrieve lost souls or bring back personal power for improved self-esteem and deep energetic healingAll the shamanic healings can be practiced in person or are just as effective if undertaken remotely. For long distance healing I request a photograph or webcam link with the client, very much the same as in the long distance energy healing.

Initial contact with the client is usually via telephone or e-mail. Where we briefly discuss and outline the need for the healing and the procedure.
You will then receive full written instructions how to best prepare yourself for the actual consultation so that you will be able to maximise the benefits to you.

You have the opportunity to make instant credit card payments via Paypal at no additional cost to you, or make a BACS transfer into my UK bank account or into my Spanish bank account. Upon receipt of your payment we schedule an appointment. I find it most helpful to either have a photograph from you, or connect via SKYPE or MSN and possibly use a webcam. This helps to deepen the connection for the distance healing session.

At the appointed time you call me, and after a brief discussion you lie down at home in a relaxed atmosphere and just pay a little attention to your breathing, as I connect with you energetically.

At the end of the healing session I blow the retreived part of your soul back into your energetic body, after integration with some strong grounding and then disconnect with you and send your energetic body back to your physical body. You will know when this is happening. It will feel like you are suddenly wide-awake.

I normally make some brief notes of what I have found, and about 45 mins. after the beginning of the session, you will call me back again for some feedback and to help you with any issues that have come up and integration.




Tel: 077 99 26 87 52

Skype: heroros


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all illustrations on this page are used with the kind permission of the artist Helena Nelson-Reed


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